Wednesday, February 22, 2017


First up for the day, another birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂 LACY.  I hope you behave. 👅😜💜

I'm off to Aqua fit first thing this morning, I'm really looking forward to it.

After that, I'm coming home and sewing a giraffe.

That should be fun eh?

QUESTION:  I can't decide which way to go with the first giraffe...

ABOVE: The top fabric is the body of the giraffe, and on either side are the ears/snout/horns/hoof and hoof pad options I've selected as options.
Which option?  Purples, or Yellow/Orange?

I will leave you with that to ponder while I go swim.  *smiles*


Aqua was lovely today.  Like usual, I never really feel like going, but once there I actually enjoy it.
It's a great way to start the day.
And I'm starting to feel like one on the group, and have lots of lovely chats with various people.

Today I tapped one lady on the shoulder and told her I would come to her place tomorrow for morning tea.  And then I told her she didn't need to provide anything to eat as I was on a diet...  Sounds good eh?

NOT.  It was the wrong lady!!!!  I thought she was a lady who had invited me to morning tea at last week's class!  Too funny, cos the lady this morning just said 'OK, I live at..."!

I apologised for just randomly inviting myself to her place and laughed it off.

Maybe I will go to her place one day, ya never know.

Can't sew yet, I've got to post a couple of things first.  So I'm off out again, but should be home soon.  That giraffe-to-be is waiting.

Fook it.  I have come to a halt on the giraffe already.  I don't have felt for the mane and tail tip.  And I'm not going into Hamilton for a tiny bit of felt!  It can wait till I next have to go in, which should be when Keera's glasses arrive.  That should be in the next day or two I hope.

I went for the purple for the giraffe by the way.
It's a better contrast I think.

It actually took quite a while to trace out and cut the pattern out onto the fabric, longer than I thought it would take that's for sure.

I don't think I will be whipping one up in a day!

I've now got a damn headache, so will just blob out for a little while.  It's the heat and humidity getting to me.

I'm glad some of you realised just how funny it was me inviting myself to a total stranger's home for morning tea, and her agreeing!  ha ha ha!  

I started sewing some bits of the giraffe together tonight.  Fiddly shitty thing.  I found some felt after hunting for ages that I thought would do (brown) and stitched it onto the head, then the head parts together, yadda yadda.

Then the bloody felt fell to bits!  WTF?  Old, thin felt.  So I had to unpick the lot.  Total waste of an hour of my time.  I've stopped now.  And will find better quality felt or polar fleece to use in a day or so. 

My eyes are having trouble focusing, so time to head off to bed.


  1. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Oh I like the yellow/orange, have fun at aqua - Lisa in Auckland

  2. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Hehe thanks Ma xx

  3. Happy birthday lacy. And I like the purples like we saw in the shop. Blues would also look pretty cute. Can't wait to see it. ☺

  4. I'm with Bex. Go purple. It's going to be so cute.

  5. Happy Birthday Lacy :-)

    I like the orange :-)

  6. Purple, love the purple.

  7. Me id go for orange combination

  8. I like the purple.... a nice contrast!

  9. Purple. Just to be different!!

  10. Happy Birthday Lacy.

    Glad you are getting into the Aqua Classes! LOL at tapping the wrong lady on the shoulder! Perhaps you should go :-) :-) :-)

  11. Happy birthday Lacy.
    I thought the oranges at first but I think I am now leaning towards the purple. Very cute pattern.

  12. Happy Birthday Lacy from the US - hope you have a great one.
    So glad you went to Aqua today Chris - that was a wonderful decision . They say starting a new habit takes 21 days - then maybe it will be easier to go.

  13. Ok. Is it just me? I am cracking up about you inviting yourself to some random woman's house for tea (but not snacks) and she just gives you her address. OMG! I am still laughing. That is so damn cute! How friendly! If I can stop laughing long enough I will give my two cents about the giraffe. I want an orange nose and purple striped feet. And I am wondering if you should go to tea at that ladies house. Haha. Still giggling!

    1. Giggling here as well. Can just picture the conversation!!!

    2. Not just you, I was reading it at work and started laughing out loud :-).

    3. Giggling here too….

  14. Oh! I forgot to mention.... Happy Birthday Lacy!

  15. I think the purple would look good. Aqua is great but i havnt been for years. Good on you Chris 😊

  16. I vote orange for the ears/nose/snout and hooves. Hope you feel better when you wake up!

  17. You are starting Giraffes ? What about the other UFOs? Tsk tsk I cracked up at the pool invite too funny


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