Friday, February 10, 2017


Have not slept well overnight.
I expected that though.
Stew is in Auckland on business, due back this afternoon.
I never sleep well when he's away.

This week seems to have gone super fast!
Monday was a public holiday, so a short working week for everyone.

I'm glad it's Friday, means I don't have to get up early tomorrow... as long as Keera sleeps in that is!  Usually she doesn't, so I get up one day and Stew gets up the other... so we both get a bit of a sleep in on one day at least.

ABOVE:  I like number 12 the most.

Our plans for this weekend?  RELAX.  Enjoy some down time, not having any plans.
There's virtually NO jobs to be done around here either!
Last weekend saw the end of big outside jobs, so Stew can relax too.

Getting the grocery shopping done yesterday was good planning too.  Even that isn't hanging over our heads.  Shit I hate grocery shopping!  *smiles*
I reckon I've said that on this blog a hundred times!

Sooooo... let's see what the day brings. Keera has a long day at Kindy today, so the day is ALL MINE.  


It's a glorious day!  Sunshine and hardly a cloud in the sky.
I've spent my morning doing the friggin housework... AGAIN.
It just never stops.

I've done two loads of washing and hung them out.
Scrubbed a shower, tidied the garage.. and goodness knows what else!
Oh yeah, killed some outside weeds too.

I'm now having a early lunch and watching Home and Away, then I'm going to sew!

Unless some bugger comes along and stuffs up me plans.

Well I got a bit of sewing done... so nice to just sit there in my sewing room, looking out the window while sewing.  So peaceful.

I got a visit from the Dog control inspector this afternoon.  First of all I though we were in trouble for something?
But no.  It was a fence inspection, to make sure our dogs were properly contained on the property.  Of course they are, so next time we have to pay the yearly registration, our fees will drop.  Yaaaa!

Stew arrived home around 4.45 pm, and has now gone down to the supermarket for weekend 'supplies'.  He always brings home the fizzy, chips, dips etc on a friday night.

I've asked him to get some salads for dinner too... I'm feeling lazy.  I will cook some chicken steaks and wedges to go with the salads.

My favourite night of the week ... Coronation Street!  Hee hee.
Dinner was lovely.  Winding down.  Off to bed shortly as I'm friggin tired.


  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for coming to my blog... I am enjoying getting to know you. So you all are in New Zealand? WOW--my brother did a lot of traveling before his death --and he always said that New Zealand was the most gorgeous place he ever visited... SO--you are living in a beautiful place. Six children and 12 grandchildren? Woooo---and you are raising some of the grandchildren? Makes me TIRED just reading your story... I have 3 sons and 5 grandchildren. George has 2 kids (boy and girl) and 3 grandchildren... Unfortunately (or fortunately) they don't live near us. I love our families very much but as retirees, hubby and I love our time together and love traveling, hiking, gardening, etc....

    So nice to meet you. I only blog these days on Mondays USUALLY (unless we are traveling)...

    Love the quotes... One of my favorite quotes all through the years has been: "Surround Yourself with Positive People"... I try to stay positive ---and smile as much as I can.


  2. I do hope you and Stew both manage to get some rest this weekend.

  3. Anonymous2:58 PM

    .... #13 is the best lol....
    Lacy is the bomb digaddy �� lol

    1. So your saying archer is the best? While I'm not saying you are wrong, dante is pretty awesome too :)

    2. NO PEOPLE... I'm the best. Let's get it right. *smiles*

    3. Anonymous9:04 PM

      hahaha oi it was Me I'm just the bomb diggidy geeeeesh man get your heads read lol hehe x #2

  4. You have the cutest words for things! But, what in the world is "the fizzy"? I love it. I love your vocabulary.

    1. Fizzy is Diet Coke, Coke, Lemonade, Pepsi, Fanta... any soda/bubbly drink of a non-alcoholic nature.

    2. Anonymous9:06 PM

      no Ma... im Fizzy lol, I'm the Fizzzanizzzl lol aka #2 xx

  5. Have your council got a Chicken Control Inspector? :-)

    1. Not specifically Chicken Control! Animal Control... and they have already spoken to the chicken owners! We haven't had chickens visiting for a couple of weeks now! Seems they got the message and didn't like the idea of being prosecuted. Job done.

  6. Hope you have a super relaxing weekend. Enjoy.

  7. It's amazing how on top of the dogs they are there. Here we have dogs everywhere and people dumping them off in the country etc.


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