Saturday, February 11, 2017


I'm up with Keera while everyone else is still asleep.

Gives me a chance to get the washing on and do a tidy up.

We plan on going into Hamilton some time this morning as I want to find an aerial for the little TV in my sewing room.  Hopefully I can pick up the main TV channels in there?

I'm a bit tired of DVD's and music CD's while I sew.

Not sure what else we will get up to today... the day is young!


Lol...we are in town. Meant to get an aerial for the little tv in my sewing room, but instead we bought a bigger tv and are going to get SKY connected in there! 

So I will be able to watch every channel in there soon. Excellent 😊😆😊

We are now having lunch before deciding where to next...

'Next' was Stew buying some new work shoes in brown, to go with his new fawn/taupe coloured work pants.
I'm sure I will end up having to hem them tonight or tomorrow so he can wear them to work on Monday.  Oh yaaaa.  I loathe hemming shit.

But I suppose it's the same as sewing binding on... and less to do than a quilt, so shouldn't take too long.

We have just had a lovely visit from Jacqui and her daughter and Aunty.  Nice to have a pause in the afternoon to just relax and yak.  *smiles*

Now back to unpacking my new TV...

Heads are going to roll at Kindergarten on Monday!  More on that tomorrow.  I forgot about 'it' till now!

And on that note, seeing as no one is around today... I will go.


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