Thursday, February 09, 2017


Like.. TODAY.
First thing this morning.
Instead of putting it off for the next week or two, like I normally do.

Keera only has a half day at kindy today, so I have from 8.30 am till 12.30 pm to get into Hamilton, do the grocery grab and get home again.

Totally do-able.

That will kill the morning.

Then I can concentrate on sewing this afternoon!  yep yep.

Wonder if that will happen?  Sewing always gets pushed to the back of the 'to do' pile.

Not sure what sort of day (weather wise) we are going to have. But if you believe that old saying "Red sky at night, Sailor's delight", then we should be having a nice day!

ABOVE:  Both photos taken last night ... ONLY ABOUT 3 MINUTES APART!  Seriously, the sky changed that much in a very short time.

So... moving on... I'm off to get some washing on, sort out the small kid, make me bed etc etc.
Catch ya later.


11.50 am:  And I am home with my feet up.
I have just finished the grocery shopping, and getting all the fridge/frozens put away.  All the non-perishables are still in the grocery bags.

I'm gunna leave them for the kids to unload and put away.  I'm knackered!

The heat today!  It's not HIGH, but the humidity is.  I am melting.

So I am going to sit here and relax for a few minutes before I head out again to pick up Keera.

 ABOVE: Stew mowed the lawns on the weekend, and there is this one patch of grass that has curled up it's toes and kinda died!  This area clearly gets no water when we turn on the irrigation system.

So, because neither of the two hoses actually REACH that part of the lawn... I came up with this idea.

ABOVE:  I have taken the hose through the front door, into and through the kitchen/family room and out the window on the other side of the house so I can water the lawn!
Works for me.
Of course, now that I have set that up, it's clouding over and looking like it MIGHT rain.

I'm not expecting it to though, we've had heaps of heavy, rain filled looking clouds come over, and NOTHING happens.  Not a drop.  Quite frustrating when you actually want it to rain!

At least the temperature has dropped somewhat.  It's only 25 C now.  

AND... IT RAINED.  How typical is that?  

Dinner is done, kids are quiet, almost time to put Keera to bed and unwind for the day.


  1. Wonderful - beautiful pictures. You always have the most interesting blog posts.
    I love your new house. It is just what I want NO STAIRS. We have two levels and I am getting too stiff to go up and down. Have a great week.

  2. That is a serious RED sky. You will have to let us know if the following day was a "delight" or not!

  3. Love the hose solution, very clever 😃


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