Monday, February 06, 2017


All Stew's hard work.
And our backyard is GORGEOUS...

ABOVE:  We were so lucky that the 'bones' of a fantastic garden were already here when we moved in.  Now that we have put all our own plants/pots/rocks/edges/playground and so on in, it's OUR garden.

So, so proud of it.  I get a really happy feeling when I look at our garden. 

Steve has a couple of hours work left at his mates house, then the day will be his/ours.
I reckon we should go to the lake!  Karapiro.  Take our togs, a picnic and just chill out.  Excellent idea.


5.05 pm: FANTASTIC DAY!  We waited till Steve got home from working on his mates fence, then headed out to the lake for a picnic and swim.  (today is a public holiday btw)

We had a really, really lovely time!
It was so nice there, and no crowds either.  I was expecting crowds!

I've taken a mass of photos, but right now I don't have time to upload or post them, we are expecting visitors very soon.

I've only just managed to get everything put away and get some chicken in the oven for dinner...

7.40 pm:  Our visitors have been and gone (My Uncle Charles and his wife Annette), we've eaten dinner and Steve, Bex and the boys have left for home.

So it's back to relative normality around here.
I've got a massive amount of towels to wash now!

Looking forward to a quiet evening.

Some photos of our day:

 ABOVE: Lake Karapiro, down by the rowing base.  This is where most boats get launched too.

 ABOVE:  Our picnic under some big trees.  It was really nice... meatloaf and cheese on buns.
Donuts, banana cake, mandarins and drinks.

 ABOVE:  The family having fun on the new slides.

I've got more photos, but I will post the rest tomorrow.  


  1. Great idea a pinici at the lake. Garden looks awesom

  2. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Your backyard is gorgeous! You both have such an eye for design inside and out. Love it!
    ~Nicole in CA

  3. Beautiful garden. Love your blue sky. We've had 3 days of hot sun and back to overcast and rain coming.

  4. O Chris,it is so beautiful. You guys make a beautiful team.

  5. Your garden and house are beautiful - I wish our garden looked half that good. Unfortunately we have very sandy soil which makes green grass and lush gardens somewhat of a challenge - but we keep trying! I hope you've managed to head out on your picnic and are having a lovely day.

  6. Your backyard is gorgeous.

  7. Anonymous4:33 PM

    can you show a picture of the edging before it went in. i love it

    1. Clarify... a photo of the gardens BEFORE the edging or of the actual edging wood?

  8. Everything looks great! Love the patios. They look really nice with the edging.

  9. Your garden is Divine

  10. great pics, lovely memories xxx

  11. Garden looks lovely. Looks like you had the lake all to yourselves.

  12. Oh I envy you right now. I can't believe how blue the sky is in your pictures and, as you say, the yard had good bones but you have done a wonderful job. Right now we have soooooooo much snow. It hasn't stopped snowing for 3 days.Our youngest son and grandson went to a hockey tournament in a town 300km south of us on Friday and they are stranded there!! The roads are closed because they got over a metre of snow! That isn't going to be a fun drive home when the road finally opens. Think of us and enjoy your beautiful weather, lol.


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