Saturday, October 31, 2015


Today I'm itching to make a start on my first little pottery house.
I've been looking at pictures online of mushroom houses and the like, getting a few ideas.

ABOVE: a couple of houses that I think are cute.  NOTE:  I didn't make them.

I have made dozens of pottery houses before, but this time I want to give them a different look.

Bex has already put her hand up for one for Christmas.  So, her's will be the first one I make.

She said something about a mushroom house, but somehow I don't think that's what she's gunna get.  Mushroom houses don't really interest me.

I want them to be FUNKY.  Quirky sorta.

So, that's what I plan on doing today.

Stew is going to get the lawns mown in readiness for tomorrow's Open Home, which is on at a later time tomorrow of 3.30 pm.

After that he will be putting the repaired part on the lullaby swing.  Did I mention Griffin sat on it and it broke a couple of weeks ago?
Clearly he is now too big for it!

Right, that's me for now... catch ya later.  I hope wherever you are you have a nice day.


Geez... some people eh?

Moving on ... I stayed in bed till 10 this morning!
I just didn't feel like getting up at all.  But now I am I better get moving and DO something.

Washing is on, it's a gorgeous day out there and I want to go down to the garden centre and get some pretty new flowers for my pots by the dining room.

ABOVE:  all pretty again.  It took longer than expected, the garden centre was so expensive we ended up going to Mitre 10,  where we got everything we needed.

I'm putting off potting till Monday, when Stew and the kids are back at school/work.  Then I can really get stuck in without interruptions.  Plus I just don't feel like it now!  

For now, I shall do some sewing instead.

ABOVE: Finished it!  It's so cute.  
SUE: I also got this pattern from Grandmothersgarden/kitsets/bags.
JUST in case you want it too.  *smiles*

4.27 pm:  Stew has finally got around to mowing the lawns.  The kids went down to the school to kick a ball around, so it's fairly peaceful in the house.

Tallulah seems to have forgotten where to go toilet.  The lounge floor, hallway floor and my bedroom have all been christened in the past few days. I wonder if it's something to do with being pregnant?  There better be a good excuse cos I'm getting really cross with her.

She's made a big wet patch on the lounge floor and I doubt I will get it dry by tomorrow unless I get out my hair dryer to dry it.  Now that's an idea!   Off to do that right now.

End of Day:  well we have enjoyed the evening in front of the telly.  Coronation Street was on so I was happy.
Stew has gone to bed early as he's getting up at 5 am for the World Cup FINAL, our All Blacks vs. The Wallabies.  I am not getting up!
I can wait till whenever I wake up to find out the result.  Though I do hope our guys win of course.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Thx for answering my question about your quilt pattern! I'll find out myself.
    Sue, Athens, Greece

    1. I take it you are a perfect person and have NEVER forgotten anything then?
      In answer to your question...

    2. Anonymous8:09 PM

      Thx Chris and solly :(
      I will now go out quietly...........
      Sue, Greece

    3. All good chick.

  2. Sue, cheer the fuck up.

  3. Good Luck Chris and Stew... BUT... Go the Walllabies...However if it's not to be The All Blacks were my second choice.

  4. Those pottery houses are so funky I like the blue one, that owl bag is the cutest thing you when you retire/quite down should open a craft stall shop or do tutorial online that people pay for and generate an income from them..


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