Thursday, October 08, 2015


Today I'm going to the mall to get false nails on AGAIN.
Why I can hear you say!  Cos I cut them off last time as they were driving me mental eh? 

Well here's why:

ABOVE:  I have this bitch of a nail!  It has a split right down the middle... and it lifts and breaks way up the nail bed, and catches on EVERYTHING... and it bloody well hurts.

So, if I get an acrylic nail put on top, it is protected from splitting and catching on everything.  I want the nails to be fairly SHORT, so I can still type.

But a different shape from last time.  I really didn't like the last lot... the shape was a bit too rounded/pointed for my liking.

I'm also going to buy some new polish to use... Stew saw an advert on the telly last night, you can get two Revlon Colourstay Gel polishes for $24, that's a good price.  It showed the model wearing this amazing blue shade... I WANT IT!

I will also take the kids with me so they can have a wander around the mall while I'm getting me nails on.  Then we can get a few groceries for dinner tonight and I have promised them an ice cream.
Thank god they are easy to please. 

All is quiet on the 'bitch' front.  I really don't expect to hear from Amanda for months again... and I'm OK with that.  Lacy?  Seeing as she text'd me last night... she might stay quiet for a while. I won't be contacting her though... she did tell me to FUCK OFF after all!  So fuck off I will.  

From now on it's all up to her to keep up contact. 


11.34 am:  and the two kids are STILL in bed! Should I wake them up?  
Nah.  It's so nice and quiet... I'll wait a bit longer... Griffin's stomach will soon make him get up!

Yesterday I kept having hot flush after hot flush, and they were horrendous ones too.  I'm sure they were brought on by my being upset.  

Today?  Have only had ONE.  And it wasn't a biggie.  Hmmm.  That tells me that I need to chill out and stop getting upset.  Simple eh?

I have given myself a good talking to, and now I'm ready to move forward and NOT communicate with either A or L again.  Lacy can communicate with ME if she wishes, but I won't be instigating any more contact.

I do wonder how Russell fits into this stupid family now though.  He lives part time at Amanda's.  Him and his girlfriend are going through a rough patch at the moment, I don't know if they are together or not.  Not gunna ask either!

Russell tends to sit on the fence, though I do know that he hates all the tension and strife and is horrified, like us, about Keera being in foster care.  Well... that's what he's telling me.

He and Steve do not get on at all either.  There was always sibling rivalry while they were growing up, they simply disliked each other.  Nothing has changed.  Another tricky situation, but one that I have stayed right out of, thank god.

Yesterday Kelly couldn't keep her nose out of it, and text Amanda, just asked her how she was?  Stupid girl... as if Amanda couldn't see through her ... so Amanda text her back and said "You are not my sister anymore, and actually you never have been."

So as it stands... Amanda and Lacy are having nothing to do with us or Kelly or Steve.
Steve and Russell barely tolerate each other.
Mike keeps himself to himself... not sure where he stands on family issues really. 
We are such a happy family!

AND I ALWAYS WANTED A BIG HAPPY FAMILY LIKE THE WALTONS!  I still don't know where I've gone wrong.

Maybe I've tried too hard?  Well not anymore.  I am backing off and living my own life from now on.

4.04 pm:  well I have new nails.  I asked for White Tip Acrylic nails... well I got the acrylic, but the woman put the wrong tips on, so I ended up with this:

 ABOVE:  NOT what I wanted really, but I can take the blue off in a few days as it's not a gel polish.    The shape is OK, still not quite what I wanted, but the salon didn't have any photos so I could show them exactly how I wanted them.

I'll take a picture in next time for sure.

It's quiet here again, the kids have gone down to the school to throw a frisbee around.  Yaaa. Peace reigns.


  1. Have a great day Chris

  2. Get "sqoval" shape. ..square oval. Easy to live with! !

  3. like a rounded square as well.....hate it when they do them too pointy.

  4. Enjoy your "you" time. As for the other thing? Karma will bite them both in the bum. Focus on those family members that appreciate you and love you xxx

  5. Thank you for adding me! I've never had my nails done lol. Can't wait to see the puppies!

  6. What a mess. I guess you do need to let them be who they want to be, even if that means being a butthead. I am glad you are less stressed about it today. Post a picture of your nails! Do you need a special ultraviolet light for the gel nail polish?

  7. Wah! Very upsetting and stressful for you. I would be devastated if my two boys didn't get along as adults.... time will tell I suppose, but frankly, I can see them being close. Only because Guy is so very tolerant and easy going. Poor old Corby got my grumpy and sometimes depressed nature!

  8. OMG - I just don't get Lacy one little bit. Talk about bite the hand that feeds you. You helped her out left, right and centre and then she tells you to F*** O**. At least she doesn't beat around the bush and just tells you what she thinks... Amanda & Lacy are really toxic humans. I agree avoid the drama queens. Them not knowing what is going on in your life will be annoying them - they will be in touch, just give it time.

  9. Look after yourself Chris. You need to look after your own health, followed by Stu and your bonus kids ( as their mother couldnt/wouldnt look after them)

  10. Love the nail colour

  11. Good to hear that today has been a lot less stressful - maybe keeping your blog private with just selected readers is the way to go - I bet there will be a couple of family members feeling really irked that they don't know what is going on.

  12. love the nails…colour is sooooo you

  13. Sending you all my love and support. You poor thing, families - don't you love them. I know it is hard, those kids are lucky they have you. There are people world wide that would love to have you in their lives. Just thing, you have the lovely Stew in your corner for support. MARTINE XX

  14. The nails look really nice!

    So do you respond when Lacy messages you? It sucks that all the kids don't get a long with each other and mostly YOU! I can't imagine. Although my mom doesn't really talk to her siblings anymore and I don't think any of them really talk to each other at all. I used to be super close to my one brother but his wife does some weird shit and is mean to my mom so I have a hard time wanting to be around them now.

  15. Thanks for the invite.

    You wrote '
    AND I ALWAYS WANTED A BIG HAPPY FAMILY LIKE THE WALTONS! I still don't know where I've gone wrong.'

    How I identify with this. Many days I wonder what happened. I'm glad, (and sad), there are only 4 children and one grandchild, but we, too, will never have full family gatherings again. Breaks my heart. And that's why we celebrated our 50th wedding Anniversary in Hawaii. A big birthday month for us coming up. John's 80th, our yougest's 40th and our grandchild's 1st.... 121st Birthday party planned in Christchurch and only two of our children and none of my extended family there. It is what it is. We make the best we can of it. I too try to hold my tongue and let them make their own decisions with as little comment as possible. What is it with the generations? We would never have dared to mess things up to the degree our kids do. We respected our parents too much for that.

    I know there is some history which explains some of the S**T but it's still not the way we brought up our children. I just do not understand it at all.

    We are part of a very Big Club of Hurting and Bewildered Parents and sadly it's larger than either of us know. That's no consolation unless it's to know we are not alone.

    All we can do is hang in there and hope that one day things might be different. But it will take some growing up, particularly from our children.

    I'll post in my blog later with photos of our bedroom and the quilt you made us.


  16. SO many hugs and love and prayers coming your way. I just really feel like Keera and the other grandkids are the losers in all this. :(

    THANKS for inviting me to your blog.


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