Sunday, October 18, 2015


Today we are getting up early.

And not because it's an Open Home this afternoon either.

Because of RUGBY.

This morning at 8 am the All Blacks play against France in the Rugby World Cup Quarter Finals.
The last time our team faced France in a RWC Quarter Final we lost.

Fingers crossed history does not repeat itself, or this entire country will go into mourning!

LOL... probably NOT, but Stew sure would!

Steve, Bex and the boys are coming over first thing so that Steve can watch the game with Stew.

I know that they shall go home after the game so we can get the house ready for Open Home, so I shall probably spend most of the morning with the grandsons.

It only takes me a couple of hours to get the house all ready for the Open Home now, so I know I can enjoy the morning.

Right ... that's all for now.  I will come back later and let ya know if our All Blacks win or lose... stay in the RWC or go home.


And it was an AWESOME game! Our guys played so well... and were rewarded with a win of 63/13 against France. I even watched some of it while cuddling darling Archer.

He was full of smiles today.

I fed the men bacon and egg toast sandwiches for brunch... and Bex too.

We are now doing the prep for this afternoon.

Open Home today went well.  5 groups through.  One lady was on her THIRD visit and just LOVES our home, and WANTS IT. But... she has to sort out her finances before making an offer by the sound of it.

Another couple love it too, and talked about getting a builders report... so if that happens it's another possibility in the line.

The Estate Agents are coming back just before dinner to discuss 'stuff'... don't know what that is.  We will find out I am sure.

Here's a few photos from this morning:

 ABOVE:  The guys having brunch.  I think they enjoyed it. *smiles*

 ABOVE:  A darling little bib I got at the Craftworld shop yesterday.  It's a good size.

ABOVE: Dante trying to give me the finger!  And his MOTHER helping him use the 'correct' finger!

ABOVE:  Little bugger!  But so, so cute!

5.28 pm: And the Estate guys have been and gone.
It was just a catch up chat, no offer on the table right now.  There is a buyer in the wings ... KEEN AS MUSTARD... but has to sell her current home first.  So.  We wait.  What's new?

Luckily we have all the time in the world, really. Stew can commute for as long as it takes.  And I can carry on with life, like normal.

Stew is cooking dinner tonight, so I can sit back and relax for a while.  Wonder what he's cooking?  I can hear him peeling potatoes...

End of Day: Stew made us a lovely dinner tonight.  Chicken schnitzel and veges.
Then we watched some telly and had a nice evening.
Off to bed soon.  
nite nite


  1. I have one foot in both camps! The bigger one tonight is for France. Whoever wins we can support in the semis now that England and Wales are out. Just as long as its a good game to watch.
    Helen in France

  2. Yeah for the All Blacks win!! Hopefully a good omen for the day .... good luck for today's Open Home :)

  3. Awesome Haka, awesome game. Proud to be Kiwi!!!

  4. Yeah for your team!

  5. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Glad you had a good turn out for your open home, sounds promising hope the real estate agents are wanting to talk bout an offer tonight. Good luck .

  6. Love Steve & Stew's facial expressions :-).

    Told you open homes would get better after the school holidays.

  7. Most of my friends stopped talking about the Rugby when England went out ;) although I have a couple of friends who are South African who are very pleased with their result yesterday (although not holding out hope to beat the All Blacks!)

  8. The All Blacks game amazing Dante is too darned cute so many groups through heres hoping.


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