Friday, October 09, 2015


Scrolling through Facebook yesterday, I came across this recipe:

It looked so yum I decided to make some. I used Granny Smith Apples instead of red ones:

ABOVE: They were rather nice... with whipped cream on the side.

You need to add WAY MORE apricot flavouring though, I used heaps more and it still didn't come through with apricot flavour at all. I reckon you don't need to add water to the apricot jam/conserve at all.

We don't have any plans for today. I'm just happy it's Friday. Last day of the working week for Stew and I'm sure he's ready for a break.

AND... 3 more sleeps till the kids go back to school.... and they are actually LOOKING FORWARD to it! Poor buggers... bored shitless here at home.

*** After being so vile to me the other day, telling me to 'F Off' and leave her alone... I got a text from Lacy last night.

She just wanted me to know that she'd just been stopped for a random breath test (driving her car) and she passed cos she's ONLY had 1 glass of wine that day. Whoop.

I really didn't know if I should even respond to her text? What to say? Why bother? But in the end I did respond, so she couldn't accuse me of ignoring her. I just said "Well done".

She came back with "Thank you". Now I just wish she would stop texting ME! I really don't want to know what she's up to... I only feel disgust when I think of her. I don't want to validate anything she's doing or have her think I condone her actions. She disgusts me totally.

If she wasn't my daughter I'd REALLY tell her what I think of her, her lifestyle, shit she's done to us, to her kids etc. But I have to bite my tongue and just SHUT UP.

So... here's hoping I get no texts today with what she's up to!

Moving on... off to get the housework done then ??? Dunno!


11.42 am: Well I reached capacity with readers on this blog!  You can only have 100 readers on any blog... so I'm now diverting any more requests to read it to PEPSI.  Not all will go there though, I may have to do some jiggling around, take some off reading DCR's HERE, and put them onto PEPSI.  It's getting complicated, something I didn't really want.

*sigh*  But, in order to keep my life a bit more private I will have to muck around a bit I suppose.

I've been having fun with nail polish!  Right now I've got 7 nails in the dark blue, 2 in pale blue and 1 bright pink!  lol
Tried stamping but made an utter botch of it.
Don't think I will be bothering with stamping any more. 

 ABOVE:  me nails now!  Rather cute I think.  Who wants them all the same anyway!

End of Day:  a nice lazy day!
A quiet evening too...watching tv mostly.
nite nite


  1. Too bad you couldnt just tell her to F off after she texted you,but I know it would only make things worse for you.

  2. huh, we all knew she couldn't stop all communication with you. Not being able to read your blog will be eating away at her. Enjoy your weekend with your Stew!

  3. sounds like Lacy is trying to reach out to you with this lame business about being breathalised. Congratulating her on not being too drunk to drive must have felt soooo strange. xxxx

  4. I saw those apple roses on facebook yesterday too. I might just give them a try myself. I would probably ignore the txts or not reply to all of them only maybe one every now and then, because anyway you'll be damned if you do or damned if you don't.

    1. I agree, I can't win. I don't want to reply at all...but in order to keep the door open so we can still see Keera, I have to.

    2. I think your response was perfect, acknowledge the communication, generic response the end.

  5. Those Apple roses look so good, I bet if I tried they wouldn't look that good lol.... Sorry about the drama you are having to deal with, I can only imagine how upsetting it must be. I wish your daughters that are causing the trouble would be grateful for all you have done for them! You are a great mum and nana and they should appreciate that and not disrespect you xx

  6. Lacy is not only a nasty cow, she is also highly manipulative, that is why she constantly gets her own way.

    She has realised that she crossed the line and that you are not happy with her so she is trying to wheedle her way back in. She won't call you because that means there is the possibility of her being told exactly how you feel about her, she is smart enough to know she isn't good with being put in her place and would lose her rag again.

    Nice wee texts showing her "good points" and how well she is doing as a Mum (Keera potty traines etc which I suspect is all the foster parents doing), wasn't over the drink driving limit (what time of the day did she actually get stopped, it may have been 10am for all we know). She is trying to lull you back to being onside (especially since she will be well aware that you are also upset with Amanda) and it won't be long I bet before she suggests you visit her or she visits you to have "time with Keera".

    She will never apologise or address her behaviour because in her mind she never does anything wrong, she twists things & I suspect so much and so often that she truly believes her own bullshit.

  7. Love the rose things, so cute! I'd seen them on FB so cool to see how they turn out in real life. Perfect response to Lacy, just polite and matter of fact. Exactly how I deal with my family too. That leaves her dramas to herself without dragging you into the mix

  8. I saw the apple roses on FB too and haven't been able to get them out of my mind. So glad they turned out nicely. I will be making them soon.

  9. Maybe make a Dietcokerocks2? That way you can keep pepsi for real private...

  10. Nails look good, hopefully the family stuff settles down.

  11. I'd be tempted to change my number but then I'd still be freaking out in case something happened and no one could get ahold of me.


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