Thursday, October 15, 2015


I did a lot of thinking yesterday.  About where I'm at  ... in me head.
Cos I'm seriously NOT HAPPY right now.

I've stopped going to Patchwork class... Hospice shop... Weight Watchers... all the things that kept me busy/ mixing with other adults and just LIVING.

And why? Because we were so sure we would be moving fairly quickly after putting the house on the market.  That hasn't happened of course... so now I have to stop living IN LIMBO and just settle back into a normal routine again.

I can't keep sitting here in the house, waiting for it to sell... and do nothing to occupy my time happily.

So.  I while I'm not sure what I am going to do YET... there are a few possibilities.  

I don't want to go back to patchwork class or the Hospice shop... but I do want to be around other people.  So I'm going to give it some more thought and see what's out there right now.

There IS ONE class I've got my eye on actually.  Found it last night.  It's a Hand Building Ceramic Sculpture Class down at Nathan Homestead, which is just down the road from here.  It starts at the end of the month, so I could go to it.  I might pop down to the local ceramic club which is also at Nathan Homestead and suss it out.

I used to be a potter, did ya know that?  Yep.  Made heaps of stuff, sold it too.  But have not done any for about 15 years!  I wouldn't mind having some fun doing a little bit now and then.

So, that's where I'm at right now.  Trying to find ways to occupy myself and not just sit and wallow.

This house WILL sell... eventually, and I have to stop letting it get me down.  Well that, and other shit on me mind.  But I'm letting go of THAT.  

So today... I am going to get out the whelping pen and suss out what needs to be done to make it useable... I've lost or packed the locking pins... need to get/make some more.
And I need to suss out sourcing newspaper ... ANYONE AROUND HERE GOT SOME SPARE???  I will need HEAPS.  Pretty please if you have any!  If not, I shall need to start buying a newspaper every day until early December!  

What else?  Washing.  Vacuming. All the usual shit.  


Got the little bit of housework done... groomed Tallulah before her bath... and shit.  No dog shampoo.
So I'm off to the shop to get some.  I'm all fired up to get her totally groomed TODAY.

 ABOVE: My little boof head!  she's such a rat bag.  And her coat seems to grow twice as fast as Coco's.

 ABOVE:  All de-knotted and clean, now blow drying herself outside.

 ABOVE:  As the bath was full of lovely warm water, I decided to bath Coco too.  She hates having a bath.  Too bad.

The shampoo I got smells like Coconut and lime... it was all the supermarket had.  It smells weird.  I hope the  dogs don't mind the smell.

ABOVE:  found this one in the camera... taken on Tuesday.  Tallulah and Dante get along amazingly well... they play running races in the house, up and down the length again and again.  Dante laughs all the way.  They are both taking time out here, tired I expect.

ABOVE:  I have internet protection, and can add up to 6 devices on it.  I have added my phone and Brylee's phone.  

That way if our phone gets lost/stolen we can track them down.
It also means I can see where Brylee is!

I am NOT tracking my daugther.  Really I'm not.  But if she's late home from school, I can at least see where she is right?  *smiles*

I've explained it all to Brylee and she seems OK about it.  I hope. 

2.42 pm:  feeling so much better today!  So relieved.  Getting off me butt and doing something was what I needed to do obviously.


5.43 pm:  and Tallulah is partly groomed.  My clippers were playing up so I basically butchered the dog! She's looking dreadful!   I will wait 2 weeks then take her to the professionals I think!  
Luckily she can't see herself.


Stew is due home in an hour, and it's takeaway night.  I'm angling towards ... chinese.  All I've had today is some yoghurt, so I'm being fairly 'good' today.

TRACY:  thanks for that!  I shall be only too happy to pick up any newspapers you have in 6 weeks.

End of Day:  a good day, let's hope tomorrow I feel the same.  
nite nite


  1. We have stacks of newspaper we saved to make papier mache with our grandsons when they came in the summer. We didn't find time to do it. Now have boxes of newspaper to get rid of. Pity you are so far away.
    Go back to your pottery. If you've done it before you know how therapeutic it can be.

  2. Hi Chris, Welcome back to public blogging! It's nice to hear from you.

    I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to have so many of your things in storage-- especially your sewing stuff. But ceramics! I had no idea-- I'd love to see what you make.

    They say summer weather is a good time to sell a home so I hope things will turnaround for you soon. Hang in there.
    xo jj

  3. I will start saving all the local papers that get delivered for you.

  4. I remember when I was a kid and needed heaps of newspaper, I went to the dairy and they would give you the unsold paper from the day before. I don't know if they would still do this, but you could ask.

  5. GOOD FOR YOU! Taking action is better than sitting and stewing.

  6. It is frustrating waiting for a house to sell - creating something/anything is great therapy - good luck. Here's a shocking story for you - We were travelling passed Paraparaumu a last week and had the need of a snack, McDonalds was just ahead so in the drive thru we went - ordered a combo with a diet coke - Sorry, they said, we don't have diet coke anymore, it's been replaced with PEACH ICED TEA, I ask you Chris - What the .....

    1. OUTRAGEOUS!!!! I know they are cutting back on SUGARY drinks, but FUCK.... DIET COKE doesn't have any sugar! Lucky I don't rely on THEM when I'm out!

  7. And I wonder how much sugar is in iced good for diabetics
    Sorry but I hate diet coke, but can do coke zero or the new one in the green can, Life I think.

    1. Each to their own eh Chick? I loathe tea! Can just tolerate a coffee. Hot chocolate is too sweet. Regular Coke is too sweet. Hate Pepsi. LOL...hence my PEPSI blog is called Pepsi Is Yuk!

    2. Anonymous4:00 PM

      In all honesty, I think that's a good idea GPS their ph. With all the weird people out here these days you can never be to safe and as any good parent making sure their child is safe is top of the list. So as a mother myself I think that your doing the right thing.

    3. Yep Chris each to their own. But iced tea is so sweet and nothing like tea. I love tea but normal hot tea otherwise forget it

  8. Friends of mine have their kids phones on GPS add thingy very handy indeed, and not in a stalker way, I like the Peach tea I find it nice.


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