Tuesday, October 27, 2015


So here is the little owl bag I'm working on, it's not quite finished but I should have it done by later on this afternoon...

ABOVE: It's quite a good sized bag... it might even benefit from having straps?  The pattern doesn't have straps, but the next one might just get some.

Now... later on today we have someone coming through for a 2nd viewing.  So I have to get the house all spic and span again, it shouldn't take too long!

It will actually be much easier getting it ready without having to work around kids and the man... *smiles*
I will be confining the dogs to outside until I have to put them in the car, they will think their throats have been cut, but too bad. 

I am not going to be tripping over them all morning... Tallulah follows me around all day and is constantly under foot. 

It looks like me nails will have to wait a bit longer eh?  


11.06 am:  all done except for last minute things like dogs in car, lights on, dungeon open... so that's a relief.
Even though it's only been two days since the last open home, there was still more to do than I thought.  

For a start I had to vacum the entire house again... something I don't usually do.  Maybe having Stew and the kids here to help is better really!  *smiles*

Time to take a break and check my list... 

4.58 pm:  Well the viewing went reasonably well by the sound of it.  Still a waiting game though.  Purchasers are from a church,  looking for a home for their pastor.  My Real Estate Agent reckons it could take a while if they do go ahead as there are more than a few people who have to make the decision.  *sigh*

After they left I had lunch and a nana nap, funny... I was a bit tired.

Dinner tonight will be chicken stir fry.  Nice and easy.  Stew's not due home till around 7 pm from Hamilton, so I get extra time to get it ready.


  1. Adorable bag! I hope these people buy your house!

  2. Great news on the house.
    It will happen, it is just taking its own sweet time!

  3. LOVE the owl bag!!! So cute and happy.

    Fingers crossed on the 2nd showing. Hope it goes well.

    And I saw Dante's photos in the last post-- He's getting SOOOOO BIG! And gorgeous!

    xo jj

  4. Sending good vibes on the house....

  5. Oh I love that bag!!!! So cute!

  6. Love the owl bag...fingers crossed for the sale going through.

  7. The owl bag is too cute, church looking gee hope its not destiny church but you know church money is as good as anyones money!


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