Friday, October 30, 2015



Well for some reason I thought the class would be full of people who were really experienced potters, who were going to be making really big and amazing works of art.

Not so.  Just 'normal' women like me, some with some experience like me, and some with none.

No one is aiming to make huge pieces.  We can't anyway as the kilns available are small.  My totem pole (if I make it) will have to be made in at least 3 separate parts and joined later.

So, as for what I did in class?

Why?   Because the clay supplied was terracotta and I don't like terracotta at all, not for my totem or little houses.  So today I'm going to go and buy some white earthenware clay to use instead.

I did still enjoy the class though, it was fun being a part of the class... and offering advice to some of the ladies with no experience at all.
The tutor didn't mind me offering advice, luckily!   

I think having been a pottery tutor myself made it a bit hard to shut up!  lol 

 ABOVE:  three of the ladies in class... and the tutor (Phillip).

ABOVE: Phillip got out some of the books and pottery magazines that were there, and it was neat to see some were ones that I had donated to the Manurewa Pottery club a few years ago.  

 ABOVE:  Phillip helping a lady make small hanging pots for herbs, using the slab technique.  

So, that's the class rundown.  I'm looking forward to making a start on my own project now.

Apart from getting some clay today, the only other thing I want to do is finish that bloody owl bag!  I've still not done it... and it will only take me 10 minutes to do it.  DOH.


2.31 pm:  and whoops...I forgot to update when I got home.
Rather typically, the white stoneware clay I wanted was twice the price of the terracotta, but I still got some.
The drivers out there were nuts this morning! We had some rain, and I swear that to some people that means GO HALF THE SPEED LIMIT!  I am an impatient driver ... but managed to avoid KILLING anyone with frustration today!

After getting the clay I came home and vegetated in front of the telly.
I'm feeling really tired today. I went to bed really late last night and for once it's caught up with me.

At least I don't have to cook much for dinner tonight, just some meat patties which we will  have with hot chips.  Lazy night for me.

OH.. and Coronation Street.  Yaaaa.

End of Day: well a very pleasant day.  Looking forward to the weekend... as I'm sure Stew is too.
Poor bugger, he's gone to bed early.  
nite nite


  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    That will be an interesting project! My daughter does pottery. Loves it. Many makes soap dishes and stuff for bathrooms because she sells them. I would make some coffee mugs~ hugs~

  2. Oh yeah! You could do all kinds of neat stuff! I can't wait to see what ya come up with!

  3. I am so pleased the class went well and good on you for chipping in with advice, is it once a week?


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