Saturday, October 10, 2015


I always knew having extra people in the house was impacting our power... but look at this!...

 ABOVE:  two weeks consumptions charts, sent by our power company.... Steve and Bex still lived here.


ABOVE:  Now!  Just the 4 of us... note the HUGE jump on Sunday?  We turned on the underfloor heating for the Open Home!  We don't need to do that anymore now that the weather is warming up.

We have halved our power bill.. and I'm quite sure I can get it down even further.  Time will tell.

Today I'm going to dust and polish EVERYTHING.  It needs to be done before tomorrow's Open Home.  

We also need to do a proper grocery shop.  No more mini shops every few days. I'm over running out of everything.

So, we should have a fairly busy day ahead... with Stew having a long break doing nothing I hope.  He's putting in 60 hour work weeks now, so he needs to chill on the weekends as much as he can.


3.41 pm:  sheesh it's bloody cold today!  We have done the grocery shopping and got it all put away.  Lunch was chicken on buns, rather yum.

We haven't done any dusting or polishing yet... too comfy on the couch. 

6.46 pm:  We finally got all the woodwork in the house dusted and polished.  It would have taken me an hour or more to do it all, with the kids helping, half the time.  Awesome.  Even though I did have to make Brylee go back and do her share AGAIN.  She's a lazy little bugger I must say.

Sometimes I wonder why I get them to 'help' when it means I end up getting angry at them for doing a shit job! 

End of Day:  a nice day, so glad we got the polishing done.  It's a shit job at the best of times.
Stew's gone to bed early, poor bugger is so tired.
nite nite


  1. I can imagine that you will be glad to have Stew back, he really is your rock. Fingers and toes crossed the house sells, I thought it would have been snapped up at the first inspection. Have a good day. I meant to say as well, don't ever doubt your ability to parent, what you have done for Brylee and Griffin is fabulous - not everyone would have done that. I can imagine having your blog private may cause a few issues for some readers but saying that at least the family members you don't want to read it will not be able to. It seems Steve, Bex and the boys are settled in their house.

  2. Your water bill that will halve too I bet. Our power bill has halved also but that's just because of the change of season - not using power for heating now. Not sure that would apply to you though as you didn't use your heat pump as much as us I don't think.

  3. OH what kind of crazy meter do you have that they monitor how much power you are using by the day? Here you just get a monthly bill and sorta guess.

    1. Most of us here in NZ have smart meters now and you can see how much power you use every hour, day and month! Great for seeing when you are using power :)

  4. i have been cold all day too. I got up at stupid o'clock to take Gary to the airport, took Samyson to work then fell asleep on the couch for a few hours. Off to a 50th party tonight yay.

  5. Ironing uses a lot of power as well as heating the water from cold for the washing machine. In the good old days we had hot fill for that part of the cycle.

  6. If you don't give them jobs their learned helplessness will have won! Stella now does her own washing and pegging out (at 4) :D

  7. Nice to have the lower bills. I love this time of year when we don't need the ac as much and haven't had to turn on the heater yet.


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