Thursday, October 01, 2015


So after moaning about being a lonely sad sack... Lynda decided to pop in to visit me today.
Ain't that nice... I expect her late morning for a cuppa tea.

Fook... I better make sure I actually HAVE some TEA.  It's a leafy brew right?  In bags?
Shit it's forever since I made a cuppa tea!

Same with coffee in this house, we simply don't drink either of them.

OH hold on... Stewy drinks a herbal tea every now and then... AT WORK.  *smiles*

So anyway, I've got that to look forward to today.

Before she gets here I have some washing to do, some tidying in the garage, bla bla bla.

AND OMG it's friggin OCTOBER already!


12.41 pm:  and Lynda has been and gone.  It was lovely to have a good old gass bag!
She's off to the beach lucky tart.

Me?  I might just be getting on the net to join an internet site that allows me to watch Coronation Street, right up to now, live in the UK.  

We are at least 18 months behind here.  It will give me something to do for a while if I'm catching up on my favourite TV programme.

Brylee finally got up... at 12 midday!  WOW, teenagers eh?
Griffin got up only an hour before that, and fed himself bacon and eggs on toast.  I'm sure his belly woke him up.  *smiles*

Murphy's Law:  I've decided to breed Tallulah.
If I don't, knowing our luck we will still be here in 4 months, and I could have bred her anyway.
IF we do sell the house while she's pregnant or with pups, I will deal with it.
I need SOMETHING to do!  Looking after puppies will give me a welcome distraction.

So, I will be talking to Mac's owner tonight to arrange a 'date'... probably Monday or Tuesday night next week.

Fresh from Bex:

ABOVE:  A smiling wee Archer.  Doesn't he just melt this Grandma's heart.  Thank god I will never have to fear them being taken away from me.

9.27 pm:  quietly been going nuts this afternoon/evening.  Trying to get SKYPE to work on my laptop/pc.  GRRRRrrrrr.  Finally worked it out with Steve's help from over the phone... and now I THINK it works!
We were able to Skype 'talk' and video with Steve, Bex and Dante after hours of frustration.

It seems to be working now, and I seem to know how to make it work, which is even better!

Hoping now to be able to do the same with other family and friends.

End of Day:  a fairly nice day.  Got bugger all exercise though, seem to have been on my computer all day!
nite nite


  1. Hey, I have an idea - I'll bring my own tea :) Have to take some over to the beach house anyway. See you later when I've done my jobs here.

  2. Oh! A Lynda visit! You lucky chook!

  3. Nice of Linda to pop in on her way past.
    I hope Murphys Law does pop on by now that you have decided to let Tallulah breed. I had to stop and think how I worded that, otherwise people would be talking.

  4. Nice to catch up Chris - let me know how you get on with Coronation Street (if you decide to do this).

  5. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Hey Chris
    What do you have to do to watch live tv? Gosh would love that!

    1. Join, then change the DNS on my computer with the code from either Unblockus or Hula... then go for it by the sound of it.

    2. - all the instructions are on I'm just watching the latest UK episode now :)

  6. Oh I wish I knew how to get onto my skype since tablet died I could only access FB and my emails just as well and as of tonight your blog haha lovely pic of Archer the wee smiler.


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