Sunday, November 01, 2015


WELL???  Did your guys win the Rugby World Cup?
I will find out shortly.

Yesterday poor Coco came inside with a very bad limp... and any 'normal' person would have put her straight in the car and taken her to the vet in a panic.


Cos we know our Coco only too well... 

ABOVE:  her leg was so sore she can't put any weight on it AT ALL, and she whelped when Stew touched it!  Poor darling.

ABOVE:  no more than 5 minutes later!  She is a total HYPOCHONDRIAC!  
She has done this a few times before, and luckily we have not been tempted to take her to the vet and spend masses of money on x-rays and consultations!  She is such a sook, the tiniest thing and she's crippled.
lol, she makes me laugh.

I just hope she doesn't really injure herself one day and we think she's just being a hypochondriac.

Because I wasn't in the mood for potting yesterday after all... I started sorting out the fabrics for the Quilt Squad wallhanging:

ABOVE:  It looks like a big job!  It's going to take FOREVER to applique around all those little scraps of fabric.  
That is , AFTER I've managed to cut them all out and get them placed on the backing fabric in the right order.

But that will have to wait, I've got to get the house ready of the Open Home today.  Oh freakin' yaaa for that... NOT.

So over bloody Open Homes.  Wish this damn house would just SELL so we can move on.  It really pisses me off that this is the exact scenario we had when we were trying to sell our house in Palmerston North,  AND the house before that in Hamilton!  



First time in history the Rugby World Cup has been won back to back by THE ALL BLACKS.

Well done guys, so proud of ya.  
I'm watching the Award Ceremony right now...

4.11 pm:  and our Open Home was 'virtually' a NO SHOW.  The 'Lady in Red' came for her 4th visit... she's the lady going through a nasty divorce and she desperately wants our house...but can't do anything until her divorce and money issues are resolved.  She has a family home to sell before she can make an offer too... and her house is not even on the market yet, as her ex-husband is being a right arse.  *sigh*

So again... we wait.

End of Day:  Sunday night on the telly just got more interesting with a couple of returning series I like.
A quiet evening... off to bed soon.
nite nite


  1. Me too! Big Congratulations! Isn't Prince Harry a great bloke. All Blacks too good on the day!

  2. booooooo! no no no. Poor old Wallabies!!!

    1. Sorry Chick! Best team won on the day.

  3. I suggested to Mstr13 to take tissues to school for his Maths teacher who light-heartedly teased the Kiwi kids after Oz won the cricket lol
    Just been thinking about your wallhanging - have you thought about using raw-edge appliqué? Might make things a little easier, and often suits such a piece. Just a thought :)

    1. Describe 'raw edge' applique?

    2. OH and I LOVE your idea for the tissues! DO IT! :)

    3. this is an example just off Google Images with blanket stitch and raw edge; basically you fuse your shapes to background, and then you just straight stitch a little inside from the edge around the shape. If you wash the item, it might eventually fray around the edges. Can look really cool.

  4. Fingers crossed the house sells soon, I really don't care much who buys it, just be quick about it right? Bonus if it goes to nice people.

  5. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Hi a friend of mine had a little dog, that also limped and appeared in pain at times, then it went away, she did go to the vet at some point and it was a cyst with arthritis or something that moved a bit and then went right again, the dog ended up having some treatment, I can't remember what. Probably worth mentioning when you go to the vet for a check up.

    Hope the house sells soon, it looks so nice...



  6. Haha Coco what a dag! Can't wait to see your quilt. Where did Kelly get the pattern? I love it.


  7. Call the Midwife & Love Child??? Loving Sunday nights :-)

    1. Yep... I love them both. Poor Stew took himself off to bed in disgust I think. lol

  8. Yep I'm with you Sundays are my new best day of TV, All Blacks are the NEW BLACK!


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