Saturday, October 03, 2015


Soooo.... it's finally the weekend again.
This past week has gone really SLOW for a change!

Today we are going to Sylvia Park so Brylee and get a cover for her phone, and I have to get my prescriptions filled, forgot yesterday.

There is actually heaps of housework to get done today too.... we have another Open Home tomorrow.  
It's now been almost 3 months since we went on the market, and stuff around the house has to be done all over again... dusting, window sills, cupboard fronts wiped down, etc... like a mini spring clean all over again.  

The other thing I want to do this weekend is get stuff sorted for puppies.  I know they are not even 'on the way' yet, but there is just stuff I know I have to prepare.  I'm lucky, so lucky, that I didn't put the whelping pen into storage!  But I don't know if I have the locking pins for it here!  We may have to make new ones.
Also, there's woolen blankets to be found... I'm sure they are in storage so may have to pick up some more from the Hospice shop.

Mac is coming over on Tuesday night to do the 'deed'.  I hope Tallulah cooperates! Knowing how it goes, I'm sure it will happen after some serious flirting and teasing!  Can't wait!

Here's a few photos from last night:

 ABOVE:  we got a small cake, so we couldn't pig out on it!
Sadly, Bex missed out on any.  lol

I was taking photos of Dante, and he cracked a shit and said "NO PHOTOS!" and covered his face.  So I told him I was taking a photo of the clock on the wall behind him.

He seemed to believe me for a few seconds ...then he gave me this look:

 ABOVE:  Yeah.  He didn't believe me!  But he knows he can't win... his grandma is a paparazzi! 

 ABOVE:  Stew with 3 of his grandsons.  (Griffin may be our 'son'... but he's also our grandson at the end of the day)

ABOVE:  Dante adores his baby brother... it's so gorgeous to see. 

Right, I am off to get the day started...


2.55 pm:  and we have had a busy day so far.
After Stew had watched the All Blacks play against Georgia in the World Cup (and win), we went to Sylvia Park for lunch and a wander around.

Brylee got a cover for her phone, Griffin got a new PS Vita game and we got a couple more pieces of Britto.  It wasn't on my list, but as they were Anniversary pieces, and not necessarily available at a later date, we got them today.

We also met up with Bex and the boys for lunch.

 ABOVE:  Today we got the little Minnie, we already had Mickey.  These two are a different size from all the rest, kinda mid-sized.  They are both adorable.

 ABOVE:  A larger Pluto... he's one of the Anniversary pieces and I've only seen one other, so we grabbed him while we could.

ABOVE:  It won't be long before I have to investigate getting a larger display cabinet for all our Britto!  

Stew has done a few of the odd jobs around the house before tomorrow's Open Home.
I won't have as much time tomorrow as I am going out to the airport to pick up my girlfriend Chris D (SEE... I haven't forgotten Chris!).
She is en route to England on holiday... lucky Tart.

She will be spending a few hours with us until her connecting flight out.

End of Day: finished the day with a few more jobs before tomorrow's Open.  Watched some mindless TV, shit there's bugger all on a Saturday night!  You would think with all the channels we can get now days there would be something worth watching!  Pfffft.
nite nite


  1. Don't forget you have a visitor for a time on Sunday too

  2. Wishing you a happy weekend with some fun in spite of all the housework etc.


  3. I love your Brittomart but is the blue crockery Brittomart too. It's gorgeous. I'm sending positive vibes for a successful weekend XX

  4. It's 'Britto' 'mart'. And the blue pottery is Polish Pottery. I don't have much as there are very few retailers of it here in New Zealand. I would love more, but I've not found a single shop up here that has it! There's one in Taihape and one in Palmy though!

  5. Ohhh I just love that Britto Pluto....

  6. I love the Britto cabinet boy it is getting full, no flies on Dante with the no photo Grandma funny.


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