Saturday, October 17, 2015


Bex sent me this darling little video of Dante and Archer yesterday, and I just have to share!

ABOVE:  Adorable!  Thank goodness Dante really loves his little brother.  It could have easily gone the other way and he could have been jealous/antagonistic towards him.  Ya never know until you add another kid to the mix.

I only had one instance of that with my lot.  Not mentioning any names, but one kid certainly got it's nose out of joint with the addition of the next baby.  I had hoped it would resolve when they were all grown up.  Not so sadly.

But at least Dante loves Archer!

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our daughter Kelly, she has got a new job as Assistant Manager of a city Cafe.  She deserves it so much, she's such a hard worker.  
She is one of our success stories *smiles*... and has always been a loving daughter.

She was a bit of a nightmare as a little kid, it's a wonder she survived childhood, she drove me MENTAL!  

Looks like no matter what, she has done well in her life.  WE are so PROUD of her.

ABOVE:  She just dyed her hair.  I'm not a fan, much prefer her as a blonde.... but she likes it, so that's the main thing.  I wonder if her new Manager will want her sporting such colourful hair?  

Right, I'm off to get the school uniforms in the washing machine... and so on.


2.40 pm:  We decided to go check out the new mall out west... funnily enough called 'NorthWest'.

ABOVE: the new mall... it's not quite finished outside, they are still working on parking/footpaths etc. But inside is all done. 
It's a long strip mall like Sylvia Park, but with much less in it.

ABOVE: It's a nice enough mall... but we won't bother going there again.
The only shop they had that isn't in Sylvia Park is Wallace Cotton, which sell linen.

ABOVE:  I fell in love with the quilt on the top bunk... would cost $200 to buy a large one.  I reckon it would probably cost just as much for me to buy similar fabric and make it myself!
I shall check out my stash once I can get to it again, and see what I have and make one I think.

I love the bunting too... would look neat on the wall above the bed. 

After checking out the mall, we drove across the road to Westgate Super Centre.   A shop had caught my eye named Craftworld.  Just before we entered the shop, a couple came out of it... and I immediately recognised the woman as one of my Aunts.  (My Mum's sister)

So... I walked up behind her and slipped my arm through her's.  Luckily she didn't shit herself or have a heart attack!  

Hee hee...she did a double take though, then realised who I was.  We had a lovely catch up chat, then we went into the shop, and they went on their way.

 ABOVE:  Some of the stalls/products on offer in Craftworld.  Individual crafters can rent a booth here and sell their wares.  Like a craft market, but better as you don't have to stand there all day trying to sell your stuff.

 ABOVE:  this picture caught my eye.... wish I'd seen it sooner, it could have been my 'Auckland' picture!  Too late now.

ABOVE:  These caught Stew's eye.  I think they are a bit too rustic for my taste, but I do like the concept.  

So, after that we went to Sylvia Park for lunch, and are now home.  Stew is going to mow the lawns, and I'm gunna do... nothing!  For now anyway.  *smiles*

End of Day:  a lovely afternoon and evening... just chillin'.  
nite nite


  1. Congratulations Kelly! 👍

  2. Lorraine H9:00 AM

    What an adorable little video of Dante with Archer.Congrats Kelly on your new job you will do well.


  3. Congrats to Kelly! Always glad to hear of great things happening in your family. :)

  4. Thanks mum... my new manager is fine with my hair.. but im going to change it a little.

  5. Wat a cute video clip of the boys playing. Cute giggle. Well done Kelly.

  6. Love the video, too cute. Bex & Steve better look out when those two are in cahoots.

    Congratulations to Kelly, personally I love the new hair colour.

    Have not been to the new mall but watch your parking times, too long. & they sting you $50.

  7. Nice photo of you and your aunt Chris. You certainly tripped the malls!!

  8. Congrats to Kelly! You and your aunt have a strong family resemblance. The mall looks fun:)

  9. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Lovely photo of you and your Aunt, your hair is great, you look so much younger :), crossing fingers for a contract on your home. Heather

  10. Lovely video just precious, the quilt and bunting you could so easily do. The Auckland painting is bright and vibrant would match your colours.... I like Kelly new hair very striking.


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