Monday, October 12, 2015


Stew heads back to Hamilton this morning bright and early... and the kids go back to school.

I know the kids have missed their friends, so they are keen to go back!  Weird kids wanting to go back to school!  I just hope they are not just going there to eat their lunches and be with their friends. *sigh*

They wouldn't be the first ones to do that in this family I'm sure.

Once they are off to school... the day is mine!  To do what?  Well... I'm thinking of getting on the treadmill this morning, and kick starting the Optifast shakes again.  I took a few days off them... time to get back to it.

Yesterday I went over 10,000 steps with my FitBit, so was really happy about that.
Last week I averaged only about 5,000 steps a day.  I was in a bit of a funk.  Funny that.

Hopefully now that I have literally cut myself off from Amanda totally, and Lacy up to a point, I'm hoping my stress levels will drop.  I want to get in control of how I react to stressful situations, and not use food to self medicate.

I WISH I could get on top of that.  Maybe I never will?  Hell I'm getting old and if I can't stop the emotional eating NOW, maybe it's too late to try!

Something else I'm thinking of doing... going swimming again at the local pool.  I love swimming, and it's great exercise.  Maybe I can explore some exercise classes at the pool too.  

Now... for something different, Steve showed me the view he has from his work site right now:

ABOVE:  A gorgeous view of the harbour!

 ABOVE:  The company he works for is restoring and refitting every window in the Heritage Hotel in downtown Auckland!  BIG JOB.

So, that's me for now... I'll be back later.


What was I thinking?  I'm freezing cold today and the last thing I feel like doing is swimming!
I might shelve that idea till the weather is nicer.  I'm a wimp when it comes to cold.

I've done the washing, done a general tidy up and that's about all for now.  OH... I did do a 20 minute walk on the treadmill too.  

Mondays suck.  I sit here and ponder yesterday's Open Home, knowing that nothing will probably come of it.  Stew is so busy he doesn't have time to think about it much, whereas I'm thinking about it all the time.

So, this afternoon I've been feeling really down AGAIN.  As I said, it sucks.

End of Day: a suckful day really, I hope tomorrow is better.
nite nite


  1. I read an interesting article yesterday and deep down its something I already knew. We just have to eat clean and don't count calories or do fad diets. We are wired to immediately want food when we restrict ourselves and instead of eating good food turn to low calorie, chemical manufactured food and miss out on all the good stuff. I have been yo-yo dieting for years and today I stop and just eat well and drink water and if I want ice cream I will have just a little bit. Remember when you lost over 20kgs just by eating well, I would skip the shakes and just focus on good food and exercise and the happiness will come and the stress will go back to the ones that made you upset in the first place x

  2. Swimming would be awesome, you could head down to the pool once the kids have gone to school so there should not be too many people, do your thing and still have most of the day to yourself.

  3. Reading this reminded me I promised myself I'd go to local pool for a spa hhmmm might just head there now before school get out and there is kids everywhere. Hopefully the baby classes have finished to for the day. Thanks for the inspirational reminder friend

  4. Swimming is great, I take Shane down 3x a week for his rehabilitation for an hour each time so while he swims I walk and run lengths, its great. Our pool is at 28° and some days it feels warmer than others lol but you warm up once your in.

  5. We had a pool in our apartment building in Auckland and I really miss it. David found it on the cool side but I found if I got going it wasn't too bad and I'm sure it did me a lot of good when I was doing it regularly! great idea, but you are right, you have to be comfortable doing it. Is the local pool inside and heated?

    Re the house: is it worth it changing the day/time of the open home? Maybe it is competing with other houses in the same price bracket etc. at the same time and that is making it hard for people to get to it? I don't know, but is it worth asking the estate agents about? Obviously it has to suit you guys too though!

    Hope tomorrow is a better day, Penny xo

  6. I went swimming after my race on Saturday and the water was so f'ing cold. I only went in because I knew it was good for my muscles. I HATE cold water. I went into the hot tub after and that was much more my speed lol.

  7. Anonymous2:29 PM

    sorry the house sale isn't going to plan. slightly random, but have you considered renting your place out for 6 or 12 months & renting yourselves in the new location? Then put your house back on the market............. a lot of mucking about I know, but at least you & Stew would be together & he wouldn't have to travel so much......


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