Wednesday, October 21, 2015


I found out yesterday afternoon that the kids finish school today at 12.30 pm .... wonderful notice THAT was!

*sigh* I had plans.

Sooooooo... as they don't START school today till 10 am, I'm taking them out of school for the day.  It seems ridiculous to send them for 2 hours.

And now... they are coming with me and Stew to Hamilton for the day!

I was going with Stew and spending the day browsing fabric shops, wandering the mall etc, and having lunch with Stew.

Now it will be me AND the kids.  I don't mind.  It will be nice to spend today with the family instead of on my own I suppose. (It's me Birthday)

Kelly has bought me a little quilt kit from Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton, so I shall pick that up.  Yaaa, a nice little project to occupy me for a while.

I will also have a good look around there, and another fabric shop I've found in Frankton.
There doesn't seem to be any others in Hamilton though!

Shame that, it means I will have to come up to Auckland periodically to shop, ONCE we move to Hamilton.  

ABOVE:  Dante dressing himself.  I don't think he's expert at it yet... but at least he's trying.  Cute little bugger.  Looks like I won't get to see him or his baby brother today.  *sniff*

Right, we better go and head off to Hamilton!  


Would you believe I'm having just the most lovely day! The kids and I have been to the 2 patchwork shops here and I've bought a bag kit from one and some anchor fabric from the other.

I've also booked myself into a saturday workshop at the end of November too.

The one shop I'd not been to before... Donna's Studio, is just my sort of 
Fabric shop! Lots of lovely brights.

We are having lunch with Stew shortly..

4.17 pm:  My bloody feet hurt! I think I've done over 8,000 steps so far today. Nice one. The kids and I are done walking around shops... and are now waiting for Stew to finish work so we can head home. 
Dinner tonight will be something quick and simple


7.17 pm:  and we are finally home.  It's been a fab day!  Walked my socks off!  My Fitbit's battery ran out when we got home.  So I don't know just how many steps I did, but heaps.

Photos of our day:

ABOVE: Our first stop was at Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton, where the kids had fun with the two resident boxer dogs.  The darker one was only 2 years old and took a fancy to Brylee!
He has his front paw on her chest holding her down!  He was adorable.  
I got a little bag kit there.

ABOVE: The little bag kit and some anchor fabric I got frm Donna's...

 ABOVE:  We spent quite a long time at Donna's.  The owner, I presume her name is Donna, was just lovely.

I have booked my place in her fabric basket class at the end of November.  It's going to be so nice going there for classes once we move to Hamilton.

She said the Tuesday morning class ladies all go out to lunch together after class, so I am keen to join THAT class.  *smiles*  

The kids and I also checked out all the malls, several gift shops, and we found a small Hospice shop on River Road too.  I managed to find two nice summer tops for myself there.

We also drove out to Horsham Downs to drive past a rural property I have on my 'possible' list... but it's on a long, windy, narrow road and I didn't like that.  So it's getting crossed of the list.

I saw a neat garden sculpture in a gift shop in Gordonton, it's something I would like to make myself... maybe at that pottery class?

So... We are having sausages with chips for dinner, so I shall go and get me some!

Well... it really has been an awesome day.  For the first time in many, many years I heard from ALL my kids!  And thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, they are much appreciated.  ♥

End of Day:  going to be happy, VERY happy.
nite nite


  1. Happy birthday have an awesome day xx

  2. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it's a wonderful day for you :)
    Cheers, Nicole in CA

  3. Happy Birthday Chris!
    Have a fab day!
    Sharnee, Melbourne Australia.

  4. Happy birthday and have a great time away for the day. Kate

  5. Happy Birthday Chris, I hope you have a fantastic day.

  6. Happy birthday Chris. I hope you have a wonderful day. I couldn't think of anything better than fabric shopping on my birthday. Can't wait to see what you come home with ;)

  7. Happy,Happy Birthday. Have a great day.

  8. Happy birthday, hope you have a great day with no stress

  9. Happy Birthday, have a great day in Hamilton.

  10. Lorraine H8:17 AM

    Happy Birthday Chris.Have a wonderful day in Hamilton.Enjoy lunch with your loved ones.


  11. Happy Birthday Chris! Hope your day is filled with laughter and love.

  12. Happy Birthday!!

  13. Happy birthday!!!... enjoy your day and your family xxxxxx

  14. Happy Birthday! Have a good day :)

  15. Happy Birthday Chris! I hope you have an awesome day and enjoy the retail therapy in Hamilton :)

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a wonderful day!

  17. Happy Birthday Chris! Enjoy your day in the fabric shops! Carol in IL

  18. Happy birthday Chris. Have a great day out and about with the family xx

  19. Happy Birthday. Have a great day with the kids and Stew and tomorrow you can have a second birthday with Bex and the grandboys!

  20. Love Donna's Studio. What class are you doing and where?

    1. Making a fabric basket at Donna's. November 28th during the afternoon. I want to make several for Xmas presents.

  21. This may be the second comment, 'cos it went poof the first time!
    Happy birthday you cranky tart! And I mean cranky as in crazy not angry. Have a wonderful day checking out your soon to be home, I hope that you find some shops, cafes and other places that you can look forward to having on your doorstep.

  22. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  23. Anonymous2:25 PM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope your day is fab!!! xo

  24. Happy birthday....glad you are having a good one.

  25. Happy Birthday! Sounds like your day so far has been great :) hope you have a yummy cake planned for tonight :)

  26. A very Happy Birthday (cake day), wishing you a great year to come. Brings so much pleasure how much you love your family. Lots love from a sunny South Africa.

  27. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Happy Birthday !!!



  28. What a lovely way to spend your birthday.

  29. Second go at trying to leave a comment. Happy happy birthday wishes to you. Sounds like you have had a great day and well done on all the walking!! xx

  30. Happy Birthday Chris, I'm glad you had a lovely day and that you heard from all of your kids!!!

  31. I am glad you had such a nice day today, goodness knows you deserve it :-)

  32. Wow! I am sooo happy you had Birthday Wishes from ALL of your kids! Ya!

  33. Happy Birthday, glad you enjoyed your day!

  34. A Belated Happy Birthday. Looks like you had a good time on your day travels.

  35. Better late than never.....happy Birthday, so glad to read that you had an awesome day. You deserve it. Krissy 🎈🎁🍰🎊

  36. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Belated Happy Birthday!


  37. What a lovely way to celebrate your birthday. Many Happy Returns.


  38. Anonymous1:56 AM

    I love that you heard from all your kids.


  39. awww I am so mad I missed ya birthday BUT I AM SO glad you had a lovely day and boy you did loads of tripping around... Happy belated Birthday xx


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