Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Ya ever found out shit then wished you hadn't?
Like you want to know, but then wish you didn't?
Yeah.  I feel like that today.
Like just low and unhappy.

It's amazing how many apt quotes one can find ...

 Love and Respect.  Not much to ask.

 Well that cuts my list in half!


I won't be asking questions, cos I simply don't care anymore!


But not anymore.

I'm learning, yep it has been the hard way, but I am learning.  Some lessons just take a bit longer.
And it still makes me sad on a daily basis.


This morning I'm taking myself to the movies again.  I'm going to be watching the new Tom Hanks movie... I ADORE Tom.
I've yet to see a movie with him in it that I didn't like.
I've watched Castaway so often I can almost say every word before the actors!  lol

After that I will get me nails done finally.

2.34 pm:  Oh I've had the most lovely day so far!
The movies was really good... not a shoot em up bang bang like I thought it might be. Just a good movie.

After the movie I went and got my nails done... and I love them!
I also got me chin waxed (ouch)... but necessary.  Menopause is the pits, so is the moustache!  lol


ABOVE:  I got a few weird looks on my colour choices... but hell... who wants to be the same as everyone else eh? NOT ME.

Now that I'm home I am having some lunch, just a bit late, then I will sort out dinner I suppose.  

Well I've had a lovely afternoon... nice and relaxing.  I cooked bacon macaroni cheese for dinner, it went down well too.

End of Day: watching The X Factor ... we are really enjoying it this season.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    You have just described my past year! I do understand! Things I wish I didn't know~
    PSALMS 23 comforts me! Hugs~

  2. Sorry to hear you are down obviously have a huge heart if you keep trying with people. Hope you enjoy the movie.

  3. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Yes I have had that. I asked, fearing the answer, only to be told what I feared and didnt want to know anyway or how to deal with that knowledge. All I can say is it eases in time. No quick fix advice sorry. Hang in there.
    Hope your day improves and enjoy the movie. Never been to a movie on my own. Might try it.
    Take care.

  4. I loved that movie. Saw it last week with youngest son. Enjoy. And give yourself a break!! xx

  5. "hugs". Enjoy your movie, a good chance to escape reality for a couple of hours.

  6. Hope your time out of the house and focused on you gives you some much needed time out and space from worries you don't need in your life. Take care. Penny xo

  7. Hope u enjoyed the movie. Hugs xx

  8. love love love the nails

  9. There isn't an easy answer to your dilemma . I'm much older than you (68) and I've learned to diarise each day and get it all out of my head. Some days it's positive and other days it's not. Focus on the positive. You are a creative a blank page journal and create a daily diary of your day. Draw and stick in photos, articles or whatever you find on your journey through the day. Create something for the next generation apart from this blog . Something concrete they can hold and discover. I long ago stopped worrying about my true thoughts that may upst someone else,at the end of the day. Ther problem!!!

    1. Good grief! Where would I find the time? I do my blog, that is my 'diary' now! And Pepsi is where I put all the pent up shit... stuff I can't put on here. How many records of my day do I need? lol
      Thanks for the though though. And you ain't that much older mate... 11 years is bugger all.

  10. I'm glad you had a good day! How cool is XFACTOR this year, a couple of Kiwis too! Oh hang on, do you have your own or are you watching Austin XFACTOR?

    1. I really should check before hitting send Aussie XFACTOR! !

    2. It's the X Factor UK. We really like Sean Miley Moore...even though he's a bit over the top!

    3. Oh UK XFACTOR! I might have to you tube it! I'm sure we don't get it here? Maybe foxtel?
      Do you get the Aussie version?, the 2 kiwi's are so good, by far the best season yet! Big T and Mahalia are just fantastic!
      We have so much sunshine today, I hope you do too! Enjoy sculpture class!
      Shane, Melbourne, Australia

    4. Autocorrect hates me!! Its Sharnee!

  11. Love the nails, great choice :-)

  12. Hope things get better soon. Great movie. Cute nails.

  13. Love your nails Chris. X factor was good last night. Pleased with Simons beat 3!

  14. I love your nails on my FB you can see some of my nail fixes, I know you know this story after no contact and I mean no contact with family for over 10 years it was NEEDED, and I am glad I did what I did I needed too yes we may never get that time BACK BUT I NEEDED to heal! I hope you find peace and calm soon.


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