Friday, October 16, 2015


Remember yesterday I asked for newspapers?

Well would you believe I got this in the mail  yesterday...

ABOVE:  Talk about a coincidence!   Of course I promptly applied online for my FREE 5 weeks worth of the Herald!  Who wouldn't?  I can read the news and then save the paper for the puppies.  SCORE!

I will still need more, so Tracy... keep collecting for me ta.  *smiles*

Today?  I might just go to the mall... or Spotlight for some fabric.  I can't access what's in storage as it was the first stuff to go in the unit, and it would mean unpacking the entire unit to find my fabrics.  I'm not going to put Stew through that.

So, that's me for now.  Catch ya later.


12.45 pm:  and the mall was nice to have a wander in today.  Lots of people out and about.  Spotlight was quiet, and I didn't buy A THING!  Their fabrics just don't appeal anymore!  How weird is that, I've become a FABRIC SNOB!

I am dying to have a good look around Grandmother's Garden in Gordonton again (just outside Hamilton).  I have a feeling that will become my 'fabric shop' from now on.

They also have weekend workshops and classes, so I will be getting involved in some of those next year.  Yaaa.  Can't wait.

OH wow, I just realised I will be that much closer to Wrights in Morinsville too!  They stock the most amazing array of Batiks, best in NZ I reckon.  Milton the owner is a really neat guy too.

End of Day:  well a quiet afternoon and evening.  Poor Stewy has gone to bed early... he's knackered.  I hope he sleeps in tomorrow.
nite nite


  1. Go to the op shops and get some 100% cotton shirts and make a quilt. Plenty of fabric in a shirt and they make amazing patterns. Check ideas out on Pinterest or the net.

  2. Gotta love free up-to-date newspapers - they must have been reading your blog Chris :)

  3. Leigh6:28 PM

    Grandmother's garden have free shipping till 5pm Saturday

  4. A fabric snob! I love that! I knocked back a $1 trial for the Courier Mail here. I don't read newspapers or magazines. Maybe because I'm boring. :)

    Yes, they were female peacocks. Also known as peahens. It was surely a surprise.

  5. Have a relaxing weekend.

  6. I ordered the free 5 week trial too ask some of your neighbours they may have got them too, then you could use extras.


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