Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Well I did say I had something different for today didn't I?

So... here it is! ...

ABOVE:  a 'VLOG' instead of words.
It's ages since I did one... I hope it's ok.  


1.27 pm:  well it's been a glorious day so far.
We have been to the mall and picked up some groceries, then we popped in to see Bex and the boys.
Dante loves seeing us which is lovely... lol, I'm sure Bex and Archer like seeing us too. *smiles*

Home now, and we have fed our faces and put the groceries away. Time to sit back and relax for a while before I sort out dinner.

6.19 pm:  EXCITING!  Mac is due in the next hour or two.  I've put Tallulah in the 'dining room' so she is confined and can't run too far away.  Hee hee.  

Not that she will keep running... but if she's anything like Coco, she will be super frisky and jumpy and hyper... Mac will have to work for it.  *lol*

I've also taken all the chairs out from around the table so there's less places to constrict access.

See, I think of everything.  Waiting... waiting...

Stew isn't home yet...hopefully he gets home in time to say 'Hi' to Paula and her hubby.

8.51 pm .... and Mac and his owners arrived and Mac tried to get on with the business seconds after arriving!  Only he didn't even bother to say 'Hello' to Tallulah, he just jumped her.  She told him off several times before she decided to behave.

It took quite a while for him to connect, but once he did they were locked together for AGES and AGES.  A really good mating, so fingers crossed we get lots of lovely puppies in early December.

End of Day:  a nice day... things went to plan so I'm happy.
nite nite


  1. Love it! Your hair looks great, and it's lovely to see (and hear) you for real.

  2. Hilarious!!! Love it!! You bought a smile to my dial. Your sense of humour comes out more in the vlog. Nice one.

  3. That was awesome!! Chris you are absolutely stunning!! Just gorgeous, good luck with the bonking today ha ha

  4. Love the blog, you and Brylee are both stunning. Good luck with making puppies

  5. Awesome mum. Looking good...

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  7. try that again last one should have been spell checked before sending oops

    Lovely to see you gorgeous xxx

  8. Love it! You are both lovely ladies! Here's to Tallulah getting preggers tonight. Won't those babies be due around Christmas? You are one brave lady....
    Love your blog, Carol in IL

  9. Hey Chris, it is so good to see you in "real life"! Makes me realise how much I miss you. I know we only met a couple of times but it was lovely to have that opportunity and I hope I get to see you again one day. If we get over to Auckland next year we are hoping to also get to Gisbourne - I'll try my best to get Hamilton put on the agenda. Happy Birthday Brylee, you are looking so grown up. Griffin, not long now and you will have your phone! Stew, so sorry about the commuting - I hope you guys sell asap. Much love to you all, Penny and David xo

  10. A smile to start my day….loved it thanks Chris

  11. Looking lovely Chris, love the hair :)

  12. Soriah6:24 PM

    Hi Chris,
    Long time reader/lurker here! Was great to see you and Brylee in real life. Your hair looks really nice curled, you should do it more often. Oh and you have really amazing eyes! Hope to see more vlogs from you in future!

    Soriah in Oz :-)

  13. ... what, no dinner and dancing first? xxxx

    1. ha ha ha! Nope, no pleasantries AT ALL! just wham bamm thank you ma'm!

  14. Anonymous10:33 PM

    Cool video and yes restocking food is good

  15. Anonymous11:58 PM

    Yes, I agree nice video of the two of you...


  16. Yay for Christmas puppies!!

  17. Awww the blog was just the best! Loved it :)

  18. Love the video of you! You haven't changed a bit since I last saw you... more than 8 years ago, now! Looking very well, Chris.

  19. Haha bonking pseudo swearing BUT curly hair love the curls, tell Griffin Samuel had to wait for a phone not at 15 but felt close enough.


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