Monday, October 19, 2015


Stew heads back to Hamilton today, and I face another week of wondering if anything comes from our latest Open Home.

There might be two logs in the fire right now.  Time will tell.  Not holding my breath.  Just going to carry on like normal.

I'm thinking of going down to Ribbon and Rose for some fabric.  I'm going to sew SOMETHING today if it kills me!

The only other thing I want to get done today is ironing Stew's shirts.  Usually he does his own, but as he's commuting now and is so busy, I shall do them for him.

It's not something I like doing!  I HATE ironing shirts. They are such a shit to do.  But, I'll be the dutiful wife and do 'em.

What else?  Nope... nothing!  So I'll bugger off for now, and catch ya later.

ABOVE:  I'm off to have a lovely day.


12.45 pm:  and what a strange day.  Started really cold with rain... and now it's sunny but blustery.

I didn't feel like doing much this morning cos I was cold, but now I'm doing the ironing and feeling just great.

I still loathe ironing.  I've done 3 shirts so far, and have about 6 to go.  Ikkkk.  But, watching tv while doing it is helping of course.

I'm watching 'Say Yes To The Dress'... a programme where Brides are choosing their wedding dress.  It's interesting.  I would LOVE to wear an amazing wedding dress, something I didn't get to do with Stew... maybe for our 30th wedding anniversary I can wear something amazing?

I think when you never got the chance to wear your 'dream dress' at your wedding you regret it forever.  So I hope like hell when Bex gets married she can get her dream dress.  If those two ever get married!

Not putting any pressure on them of course, but I do hope they eventually get married.

Yaaa... the freakin' shirts are done.  It took me longer than it probably should have, but it kills me back standing ironing.  Same when I spend too much time at the kitchen bench.  I get dreadful backache.

Anyway... moving on.  The kids just got home, quite late today.  Lucky I didn't notice the time, or I would have been getting worried.

Bex just sent me some cute photos of Archer... here's one:

ABOVE: I adore that stripe suit on him!  So darling.  I love how Bex sends me photos all the time.  I will never lose touch with them, even when we move to Hamilton.  So thankful for knowing that.

End of Day:  Stew arrived home safe and sound... bang on dinner time.  Which is now 7 pm instead of 6.30.  Funny how he's only half an hour later getting home, yet has to travel 127 kms now, instead of 21 kms!
Isn't that interesting?
nite nite


  1. I'd cut them up for quilts lol. Hoping this week brings good news for you all.

  2. Anonymous7:58 AM

    I have to iron my husband's uniform. Use to have to do work dress shirts, but now uniform as he is a nurse. He likes crisp seams.
    Love this picture!!! Oh, so true! Share what you end up sewing with us! Hugs~

  3. Do the ironing in front of the TV, then you can watch Home & Away AND do the shirts.

  4. I thought they were getting married, and Steve asked Bex? Or have they not set a date? Not trying to be pushy, I just thought that was for sure happening.

    1. Yes they are getting married... just don't know WHEN. It could be in a year, or 10 for all I know.

    2. Penny2:43 AM

      Not trying to speak for Steve and Bex, but it is a hard one, isn't it? David and I have been together for 14 years, and hadn't got around to it (not religious and already living together - wouldn't mind but there was always something to do first). Now we are pregnant, it is sort of down the list of priorities in terms of money, but starting a family will probably push it back up the list! Hope they are happy, whatever they do :-) Penny xo

  5. look at those toes couldnt ya just gobble them up (suppose that is considered to be child abuse no) I hate standing too long to it kills my back and my ankle too since I broke it sucks getting old

  6. Have you considered getting a garment streamer for doing the shirts etc. I got one of these, it's fabulous .....just like the clothes shops use!

    No sore back either.

    1. Yep. We have one. It doesn't seem to do a good job at all... and it doesn't press the collars or cuffs. We have found it much easier to just use the iron. I have wondered about an ironing press? Know anything about them?

  7. Auckland to Hamilton is 1 hour one way sitting at 100.

    1. It is an hour and 20 minutes from our house to Stew's place of work, in the middle of the city.

  8. I have an on the lap iron board its a little one and I sit and iron although I don't have "shirts to iron" like oodles..


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