Thursday, October 22, 2015


My girlfriend Chris D has been having a lovely time in the UK over the past few weeks... she is due home on Saturday.
I hope to spend a few hours with her then.

Remember I made a baby quilt for her great niece?  Well here it is... in the cot, on the baby:

ABOVE: How cute is that!  I am thrilled to bits to actually see it being used.  And the little name pad too.  The baby is rather adorable too of course... *smiles*

Now, something else I saw yesterday, and it's inspired me to actually GO to that pottery class, next week.
I wasn't sure what to make, but now I know what I want to do:

ABOVE: I saw this garden 'ornament' in a gift shop in Gordonton.  I love it, and am sure I can make something similar myself.  It's FUNKY!  I can see it in my garden... I'd need to have a wooden stake going down the middle of it and into the ground to keep it upright I expect.

It was fairly tall, about 5 feet tall.  I would need to make it in two parts I think, and join it once it was fired.  Something to talk to the pottery tutor about I suppose.  I'm feeling a bit excited!

I better book my place in the class today, it starts in a week! 

YES Bex, I will be home today.  I've got some housework to do, and maybe some sewing too.

Right, off to make a start on my day.  


It's done.  I'm enrolled to join the Sculpture class next Thursday night. Excited!
I dreamed about it last night, I'm that eager to make my garden 'totem sculpture'.

My computer has had a brain fart!  When I turned it off last night it decided to do an automatic update.  Now... my computer has lost all of my up to date stuff... all my pictures are gone except for the last few months, all my settings are GONE, my favourites.... OMG so frustrating!

I'm hoping Steve can sort it out for me on the weekend.  Or I'm gunna go nuts!  I'm having to sign into everything again.  But heaps of my programmes are just GONE.  

At least I can still blog!

Bex and the boys have arrived for a visit... so nice to see them.

12.07 pm:   and I just had a visit from our dear friend Marty from Tauranga.  He was up on business and decided to pop on on his way back to work.
It was so lovely to see him... it's been a while since I saw him or his lovely wife Jacqui.  Probably about time we took a trip to Tauranga to catch up with them.

Bex and the boys left at the same time, off home to have lunch and a nap I expect.

Me?  I'm going down to Dave's Emporium to source a few odds 'n' ends for next week's sculpture class.

4.41 pm:  I went down the road and got a few things for the pottery class... mostly buttons and rick rack to press into the clay.  I still need to get a few other things, but I've got plenty of time to do that.

The kids are home from school and now I'm watching some mindless TV before doing something else.

My computer is overheating and I don't want to turn the bloody thing off!  Grrrrrr.

End of Day:  just spent an hour getting super annoyed trying to choose Brylee's course subjects for next year... if we are still here then!
When the options are limited... it makes it really difficult.  In the end I gave up and told her to take it to her teacher(s) tomorrow so they could make sense of it.
Watching The X Factor, so interesting when you watch it from the beginning, as we have.
nite nite


  1. Leigh9:56 AM

    That sculpture is really cool. You could make lots of sections and then put them together in heaps of different ways. I think it would be nice to make enough to have at least 3 of them at different heights

  2. Chris, maybe do a restore to a date that everything was working fine, maybe 2 days ago.

    1. It won't let me!

    2. Don't try anything else I'll sort it out on weekend

  3. YAY. So happy you are taking the ceramics class. I bet you will have to0 make that giant sculpture in 2-3 pieces stacked on top of each other. Now... Start gathering textures. Anything will do. The bottom of a shoe, something from the kitchen, lace or doilies, buttons, anchors, anything with texture. When you get to class you can press them in to a small scrap of clay and decide how to proceed from there. Have fun. I can not wait to see what you make!

    1. LOL... exactly what I was doing Chick. Remember, I was a potter for many years! And a pottery tutor too, so I do kinda know what I need. *smiles*

  4. Hope Steve can get the computer sorted for you! Love the quilt you made for the wee baby!

  5. I hate subject choices. The less they know what they want to do when they leave school, the harder it is to choose the subjects.

  6. HA HA - You wasted no time there! So excited to see what you make....

  7. That teeny tiny baby looks funny in that huge crib! In the blink of an eye, she will be too bif for it. The quilt and name pad are super nice! Of course they're being used and I'm sure they will be treasured for many many years!

  8. That cot set looks amazing how cute, I love the sculpture, maybe a lighthouse? I could see you doing that.


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