Monday, October 05, 2015


Stew has been doing 2-3 days a week in Hamilton for the past 2 months.
Today marks the start of his 'full time' job down there.

He has to commute daily from now on.
I really hope we can sell and move down there in the near future, so he doesn't get run down with all the commuting.

For me... it's the start of the second week of the school holidays.  The kids have been fantastic really... I'm not feeling the urge to throttle them... YET.

This is a good thing.  

My big job today is to bath the dogs and get them trimmed up a bit.  Not a full groom, just around their eyes mainly.

Tallulah got a 'girly' clip last night too.  She's so amazing, she's the only dog I've had who just lies still and let's me trim 'down there' without flinching!

Mac comes to visit her tomorrow night, so she needed to be 'presentable'... ha ha ha!
She got a brazillian, her choice... I'm sure. *smiles*

I have already worked out when her puppies will be due, and they are not even conceived yet!  I'm that excited, it seems like forever since we had puppies.

Right, I'm off to get some washing on, then bath those two girls.


Wow, I didn't realise that I'd not done any updates all day!  I've been lazy!
The dogs are still not bathed.  I've done NOTHING.  A bit of a down day for me.  Feeling pointless.  Can't explain it really.  just down.

I'm going to get a beef stew on then bath Coco.  I will leave Tallulah till after Mac has been.

End of Day:  well a shitty day really... for no reason either.  Just was.
I've got something different for tomorrow...
nite nite


  1. How long is his commute?

    1. An hour and a half to get tbere.... same for return. So 3 hours commute a day.

  2. If Stew goes around the back of Huntly and other non state highway 1 routes his commute will probably be a bit less time and certainly less traffic.

  3. Takes me an hour and a half from my place. It's about an hour from papakura nowadays. It won't be long and you'll all be down there.

  4. I'm sorry it's taking so long for the house to sell. Last year my husband was without a job for 5 months and we ended up kinda bouncing betweens friends/familys houses and just waiting and waiting and waiting to hear back from job interviews. Waiting for anything like this is just so hard, it wears you down a lot. I've got all my fingers crossed it works out for you guys soon!

  5. Puppies puppies more names to choose yay,


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