Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Today Bex is taking Archer for his 5 month immunisations, so she's dropping Dante off here with me.

I will be taking him back to her after the two of us have been to Sylvia Park.  I want to get some clear nail polish and post a little package to my Mum in Australia.

There's a good chance we will visit the toy shop too!  *smiles*

When I get home from Sylvia Park I'm going to read some blogs myself.  I need to see what other boggers are up to, cos I'm way behind on so many... yet again.

I'm going to open my blog up again soon.... and delete the posts that were 'private'... probably sooner than I had planned, but really, I miss my blog traffic!

I miss hearing from so many of my readers!  I've had numerous emails from disgruntled readers who can't read it anymore.  I can't add any more readers either, you can only have 100 readers on a private blog.  That sucks.
So, in the next day or two it will go back 'online'.  

I will just have to make sure I keep controversial family shit off it so I don't end up being trashed by THEM for talking/mentioning it on here.  *sigh*

I'll just have to post more on PEPSI eh? *smiles*  Though lately no one seems to read it anyway... probably sick to death of the same old story... Amanda  and Lacy being RIGHT BITCHES.

Right... I'm off to get the house all tidy, get some washing on, all the usual stuff I do every morning.


 ABOVE:  it doesn't seem that long ago when Dante would fit UNDER the bench!  Now he often bangs his head into it.  

ABOVE:  Bex and the boys this morning.  Dante was so happy to be here!

At the mall with Dante and I went to fart.... OH FUCK!!!!   THAT WAS NOT AIR!!!!! More on that later...

1.51 pm:  Finally home.  Red faced.
I was putting Dante in the car after our lunch at the mall and a fart slipped out... only it wasn't a fart. It was a shart!  I was like, OH FUCK ... clamped me butt cheeks together so fast!  Raced off to Bex's, stripped off, cleaned up (gross!)and borrowed underwear and tights from Bex so I could get home in a decent state!

How mortifying!  So glad it didn't happen in the mall... or I would have had to blame Dante for the stench.  lol

Having IBS can be a really annoying thing to deal with I can tell you, though it's not too often I get 'caught out' like that! Thankfully.

Now... I bought some lovely new nail colours and shall be re-doing my nails this afternoon at some point.  It's fun now that Bex has given me a little lesson on stamping!  I love having multi-coloured nails.

So... I seem to have an upset tummy.  Today's 'accident' was just the start!  Ikkk.  Hopefully it's better by tomorrow.

End of Day:  going back to public posting.


  1. Morning Chris! Glad I'm still in here. I poke around throughout my day and see what you're up to. I saw those apple roses on facebook (yesterday's post?) and wondered if they were easy/worth it/yummy or not. Will have to try it. Won't be posting a video though, because I hate how I sound.

    1. PS: If you are looking for blogs to read - go check out my cooking one. Although not today because I posted a gooey cinnamon squares recipe and you'll die when you see how much butter is used.

  2. I often check Pepsi just to see if anything is posted. It has been quiet recently which is good as that means that your girls are easing up on the nastiness

  3. Actually, I read Pepsi. I just don't comment. It's your venting page. You don't need my advice or input, so I just read and quietly sympathise :)

  4. I love reading pepsi, sorry to hear about the mall incident....

    1. Oh so your allowed to read it. Hmm

    2. Anonymous8:13 PM

      Lol UV got the wrong bex Kelly haha

    3. Pull your head in Kelly. NO, Bex (our BEX) does not read PEPSI, but even if she did, it's none of your business, it's MINE.

  5. oh my goodness, thank goodness the 'shart' incident wasn't somewhere more embrassing, havn't ever had that happen but did have my own blushing moment recently. I quite often tuck my mobile down my bra if I'm expecting a call or text straight back so its close by and on hand to read and reply, only the week before last I was in a paint shop and my bra starting ringing, (as I'd forgotton to take it out) and the 60+ guy serving me in the shop stared at my boobs while I fished the thing out and had a mini wardrobe malfunction in the process. I discovered its not that easy trying to get something out of the bra without giving a free flash of the boobs.

  6. I used to have IBS when I ate wheat. I've even had one of those incidents. Basically normal ever since I changed my diet... thankfully :) Those two boys are pretty darn cute huh?

  7. Those boys are so cuuuute!!!! Sorry to hear about the mortifying mall mishap.


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