Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Well... rather than sit at home and bore myself shitless AGAIN, I'm going down to the mall to get me hair coloured.  It's been bloody ages since I had it done!

I made an appointment late yesterday.  So, that's me morning taken care of.

I think I'm going to get a few inches cut off too.  My hair is well past my waist now (well... IF I had a waist!), which I don't really.  I might even get it shaped around the front too... something different?  Dunno.  Might chicken out too.  *smiles*

When I get home I might do some housework then read a few blogs to while away some time.

Then after lunch I will get on the treadmill and exercycle, get off me butt for a while.

Stew is in Rotorua today, I hope he has a nice day.  I miss him, it's hard sleeping without him in the bed... I get scared of every little noise!

Silly really, but it is what it is.

One more sleep and he will be home again.  Yaaa.

Right, I better get moving, I like to have the house ship shape before I do anything else, just in case I get a call from the Agent, wanting to bring someone through.


2.51 pm:  Well my hair took exactly 3 hours... such a long time to have to sit still.  I hate it.

But... it's done now.
I changed my mind once there about getting some cut off, opting for only a trim.  I know if I get any cut off I will just cry!
Not worth it.

Since getting home all I've done is have me lunch, yogurt and fruit, and I'm now watching the MVT Video Award show.

I can't get over just how 'sexual' it is ... since when was filth and sexual innuendo in MUSIC OK? It's disgusting, and so is Miley Cyrus.  That girl is sick in the head to think anyone really thinks her outfits and speech is acceptable.

I will probably get shot down in flames for saying so, but I'm entitled to my opinion.

Christy: yes I have been to one movie on my own... and keep thinking I should go again.  I've seen the shorts for Trainwreck and will go see it.

lol.... I win.  Euro Plumbing is sending their receptionist around tonight to pick up their faulty Under Floor Heating Control... after expecting me to deliver it back to them.  Well... I did try to take it back ... but they were not open.  Next time that bloke ORDERS someone to return something, he should remember that having possession of the thing is everything.  I'm laughing at him now.  What a dick.

I won't be putting a hair photo up, it's just the same a usual.  

ABOVE:  just in from Bex... this adorable photo of the boys. I sure have beautiful grandkids!  All of them are, not just these two of course.
I might just have to go visit them tomorrow, I'm missing my cuddles.

It's nearly dinnertime, so I better sort out something to feed the kids with I suppose.

End of Day:  kids fed and in bed, time for me to feed the dogs and go to bed myself.
nite nite


  1. Chris, I was thinking of you yesterday, I am often "bored shitless" at home so on the days both boys are at school Wed thur Fri, sometimes I go to the movies by myself.... the other day I saw Trainwreck which was bloody HILARIOUS. I know you loved Bridesmaids and this is from the same director I think. You gotta see it, you will love it xxxxx

  2. Wow you have had a busy few days, the house is looking fabulous too how did the real estate react to the decluttering? Although its stark and "naked" people can visualize their things . have been thinking about you over last few days.....

  3. Fingers crossed for you! I hope this is it!

  4. She's revolting! I put her in the same basket as the Kardashians. Honestly making it today doesn't require any talent.

  5. oh bugger lost my comment
    as for the music clips today they are nothing more than porn discusting
    I went to movies to see train wreck last week it was a laugh
    hope catch up next week when Im in auckland

  6. I didn't watch the show but I've seen pictures of her outfits. I told my daughter I miss Hanna Montana lol.


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