Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Thanks to my girlfriend Chris D, I've got a really good reason to get out of bed today.

I'm excited to get to work on the baby quilt she wants to take with her to England.

My camera battery died last night, so I haven't been able to take a photo of it laid out on the garage floor yet.

Once I've got the kids off to school and the housework done I will be down in the garage for some serious sewing.

That is all for now!


ABOVE:  So, that's the basic layout.  I am going to put the baby's name in the middle somehow, and maybe a butterfly or two.  Not too much detail as time is limited and I don't have all my fabrics to work with.

Right, I'm off to join all those little blocks together...

8.06 pm: well I've clearly been a bit busy today!
I got stuck into the sewing and have got the quilt top 80% done... I just have to add a butterfly or two and then quilt it.

I cut out print fabric letters for the quilt, but when I put them on I didn't like them, so I took them off and used bold plain colours instead. 

Because I had the print letters already, I went and made them into a little name wall hanging.

ABOVE:  I shall put some loops on the top edge so it can be hung up somewhere.

So that's what I've been up to today... and I'm looking forward to doing more tomorrow.

End of Day:  It's nice having me Stewy home again, I really miss him when he's away.  I shall sleep well tonight.  Last night I didn't get to sleep until after 2 am.  It was a long night.
nite nite


  1. What gorgeous colours on the quilt Chris - it is going to look amazing!

  2. gorgeous quilt!.... and some orange snuck it's way in xxxxx

  3. Your quilt layout looks good Chris

  4. Nice colors and prints

  5. I love the colours in the quilt, nice and bright and happy - you are so talented.

  6. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Wow! Looking awesome, as always. Excellent job so far! Loving the brights.


  7. What a gorgeous quilt. You are so talented.

  8. Ohhh I love the colours on the quilt and you are so creative are you still using the new machine Mcdreamy2?


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