Thursday, September 10, 2015


I tried a new dinner last night.. soft shell taco's.

And they came out perfect.... Stew and the kids loved them.

 ABOVE:  I don't think the 'recipe' called for the sour cream, but I didn't actually follow a recipe.  I made my usual nacho mince mixture, then put the other stuff on top.  I think they look really cool.
Will certainly be doing them again.

Bex is constantly sending me little photos of the boys... mostly to cheer me up I think.  So, I got these ones late yesterday: 

ABOVE:  Dante feeding his baby brother.  How darling is that?  I wonder if he tastes it first?

Talking of Bex and the boys, I'm meeting them today for lunch at the mall.
I'm going to leave early and do 3 'there and back' lengths of the mall... that should make up for yesterday's inactivity.

And I shall have a sensible lunch, cos yesterday's certainly WAS NOT.  I ate far too much and felt sick as a dog all afternoon.  I'm a dick.


Walk done
Meet up with Bex and boys done.

Now at j b hi fi waiting for them to sort out my laptop. Azmat is the computer guy... and hes WONDERFUL. Hes on to it.

3.30 pm:  well it took over an hour in the shop for Azmat to get my laptop running again, he took off all the 'free' security and I bought and he installed a new Computer Security system.
The computer had had a hissy fit and couldn't decide if it was running off the battery or power cord, so it had shut down.
Azmat fixed it... he's amazing.

If I'd done what most people do and taken my computer to a repair place, it would have cost me hundreds of dollars.  Luckily, Azmat remembered me and said he would fix it for me.  As I said, he's an awesome guy.

The security system I bought can have 6 computers/phones on it, so I've just installed it on my PC too.  It takes a while as it has to uninstall all other security systems.  But I did it, rather proud of myself!

I'm feeling heart sick.    

Was going to cook a lovely beef stew for dinner, but now I just don't feel like doing it.
So, Sorry Stew, it's takeaways tonight.

We couldn't have dinner till quite late as we had the Real Estate guys coming around to discuss our advertising.  We are re-jigging some of the online advertising next week, and the estate agents are getting a professional videographer in to take a movie of our home to put online as well.  All free!

Plus there is a possible buyer very interested in the house coming to look at it this Sunday too.  And another person who is still keen, but has to sell his home first.  So... it's not all doom and gloom I suppose.

After Steve and Paul left we went down to Manukau mall and the family had dinner.  I really wasn't too interested in anything on offer, so I had some yoghurt and fruit when we got home.

End of Day:  still feeling like I've got a huge lump in my stomach... I hate it when things happen that upset me so much that it makes me ill.  Also had a tight chest feeling on/off all day... I'm sure it's down to the upset.
It happened just before the Real Estate Agents arrived too... so it IS just stress related.
I need to learn how to relax and not let stuff upset me so much.  *sigh*
nite nite


  1. Have a fantastic day :-)

  2. Penny2:08 PM

    Good work with the laptop - the right help is invaluable! Tacos look delicious and another dinner option is always good. Glad today has been good so far, touch wood it stays that way! Penny xo

  3. I have never seen a stand n stuff soft shell taco. Those look good, I will have to look for some! Hang in there with the family issues. I am thinking of both families and sending positive vibes your way!

  4. Those Tacos look very nice .... must look out for them next time I'm at the supermarket. I need to look for more healthy options. Great to hear you have had great service with your computer problems.

  5. Positive stuff with the house, as for other stuff, some things you cannot change or have control over. Try to get a good nights sleep and have a good day tomorrow :-)

  6. LOVELY tacos! Oh so tasty-lookin'. :)

  7. And see look what I missed a lovely photo of Dante and Archer im 2 months of catch up yet IM SURE I will have loads to comment on!!! hehe


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