Wednesday, September 02, 2015


I'm going to take Christy's advice and take myself off to the movies today!
I shall be watching Trainwreck.  I've seen the shorts and it looks like it will be amusing.

Before going out though, I need to get some housework done... mostly washing and cleaning the kitchen.  It gets mucky so quick when you have kids using it.  Piggy things kids.

Steve and Bex got professional photos taken of the boys some weeks ago and they finally got them the other day.  They got three:

ABOVE:  I love them!  Steve was swinging Dante upside down in the bottom right photo. The one of Archer on his own is him in the cocoon Bex crocheted.

I wonder if they will get photos done again when they have number 3?  *smiles*

Right, I'm off to start me day.  If it's pouring with rain I shall be taking the kids to school like I did yesterday.


I just checked my stats on my FitBit. I've only averaged 5,000 steps the past 2 days.  Not good enough.  Clearly I need to step it up.
As for my sleep patterns, it looks like I'm a very restless sleeper.  And the FitBit says I only took 10 minutes to fall asleep last night... WRONG.
I may have been keeping STILL, but I wasn't asleep.  I didn't get to sleep till after 1 am, after going to bed at 10.30 pm.  So, it's not that accurate recording sleep patterns.

But I still love using it... and keeping an eye on my activity during the day.

 ABOVE:  since I put a chair back there, they have become very good gaurd dogs.  They bark at EVERYONE, even those who actually live across the road.  

See the pretty candles?  I got new ones, brighter ones.  I just had to add more colour to me room.

ABOVE:  I reckon Tallulah would fit into a Meerkat population just fine!  She's such a good lookout.

3.23 pm:  and I'm home from the movie.  My critique?  It was OK, not as funny as I thought it would be.  I probably laughed a couple of times.  It was a nice to get out though.
I had a good walk around the mall before I went into the movies, so got some excercise, which was great.

The kids should be home soon, then a bit later on I'm going to have a go at making Pork
Steamed Buns.  

Stew is due home tonight, so I hope they come out nice.

It's a gloriously sunny day today, lots of wind too. Shame I didn't hang out the washing!
Oh well... one of the kids can once they get home.

6.00 pm:  waiting for my dough to rise, and the pork filling to cook and thicken.  I am drooling...  fingers crossed it all works.
I can't remember the last time I made bread dough by HAND!  Probably 35 years ago!

 ABOVE:  I used two tiers of the steamer.  Wow, it heated up and produced steam in about 30 seconds!   
While the buns were steaming I made a sauce with soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, honey, 5 spice powder, garlic and some water... it was super yum.

ABOVE:  Pork buns.  They were really lovely.  Quite a lot of work involved... but worth it.
I've got heaps of the filling left, so will freeze it for another day. 

End of Day:  a nice day, it was very enjoyable to do something different by going to the movies.
Stew is safely home again... until next week anyway.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:07 AM

    No number 3 yet lol give me a few years :)

  2. naawww those pix are so cute! Have fun at the movies, you will LARF XXX

  3. Gorgeous photos of the boys. Those watch dogs look very intent on their role!! Can't wait to hear how the buns turn out-I love them.

  4. Awww the boys are gorgeous, and I love the colours of your new candles, I could so with some of those in my living room!

  5. Try this breathing technique to help you fall asleep faster. Have heard a lot of people say it works.

  6. My daughter made me go to the movie vacation with her last week. Not really my sort of movie but laugh, I laughed so much I was crying.

  7. Sounds like a good day! Scott and I went and saw that movie and I don't think I've ever heard him laugh so loud in the movie theater lol

  8. Beautiful photos of the boys. Pork buns oh my gawd yummmmm.


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