Tuesday, September 15, 2015


In case you didn't read it last night, we have another contract on our house.
Let's hope it's third time lucky eh?

They have to sell their current home in order to buy ours, so we will just have to wait and see how it goes.

In the meantime, we shall still market our home and have Open Homes in case the contract falls over, or we get a cash offer from someone else.

Time..... it's all down to time.

I'm NOT going to go looking at houses in Hamilton until this contract goes unconditional... if it does.

NOT going to count any bloody chickens, that's for sure.

BUT it is nice to know we do have a contract on the house again.

Thanks to my girlfriend Chris D, I have a project to keep me occupied for a week or so.
She's going to England in a few weeks to visit family and watch a game of rugby at the World Cup (Stew is very envious).
She has asked me to make a little blankie for a family member's new baby girl.  So, that's what I shall do.

I will need to go and buy some fabric as all my fabric is in storage in Hamilton of course.

I will go to Ribbon Rose today.  So Bex, I will be over your way at some point.  If you are home I'll pop in and see you.

ABOVE: Archer sucks his middle two fingers, so Bex has put socks on his hands to stop him.  Doesn't make much difference to him!  Little rat bag.



1.46 pm:  And I've been out ... bought some fabric for the baby quilt, visited Bex and the kids and then came home and had lunch.
Now sitting down thinking about making a start on the baby quilt...

ABOVE:  I tried to go 'pretty pastels' for a baby quilt... but I just can't do it!  The brights crept in and then I gave up and went whole hog into brights!  lol
Hopefully it comes out ok.

Luckily I have a heater to use in the garage now, so working in there won't be too bad.

OH by the way, I clocked up 9,822 steps yesterday!  Not bad eh?  So far today I've only done just over 4,000, so need to get moving a bit more.

6.33 pm:  feeling good.  Made a start cutting out fabric for the little baby quilt.  I've got it laid out on the garage floor, will take a photo later if I remember.
It's been neat working on a project I must say, my mind doesn't even think about house selling shit at all!  That's awesome.

Stew was in Hamilton and Rotorua today, and he's in Hamilton tomorrow too.  Then he has to go back on Friday too.  Not long now before he will have to be down there full time I think.

End of Day:   early tonight,  as I will be down in the garage for the rest of the evening probably.
nite nite


  1. ......but as you have proven before you can also do a hell of a lot of good in 4 weeks too.

  2. do people not get bridging loans in NZ.... ie: another short-term loan from the bank to secure a property while your current one is selling? Maybe it's not ideal, but it's better than missing out on the dream house? xxxx

  3. Anonymous2:10 PM

    fingers & toes crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Having a project to work on will help anguish wise and weight wise finfers crissed they sell their house soon

  5. Since I got my fitbit I don't think I've made it over 5000 but I've also been sick lol. Hopefully I can get it higher now that I'm getting better!

  6. Wow your fitbit stepping is amazing go you, socks and sucking yes well kids they are determined....


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