Sunday, September 06, 2015


Yep, another day spent getting the house ready for another Open Home.

I certainly don't get myself all hot and bothered anymore, it's quite automatic.  I start in our bedroom and work my way through all the rooms one by one.  I've got it down to a fine art.

At least I'm happy with the lounge now.  It's not too cluttered, there is way less 'stuff' on the walls and floor, but there is still enough colour to make me feel it's looking warm and inviting.

After the Open Home I expect Steve, Bex and the boys to visit for dinner.  So... I better think of what I'm going to cook!  I'm thinking something easy like Mac Cheese and Bacon.

So... until much later... have a nice day and fingers crossed our elusive buyer comes today.


ANON from yesterday's post (4.40 am)..........

"MISH MASH AND TACKY?"  My lounge looks "TACKY"???

What the fuck do you know?  Are you an interior designer then?

WE all think our lounge looks lovely, and THAT'S  what matters.

'Constructive criticism' is always welcomed.... mean comments are not.  Fuck off would ya?   

Now... let's get back to the housework...

11.07 am:  Well the sun was shining with hardly a cloud in the sky, so I sent the kids out walking with the dogs.
WHOOPS.  Now it's utterly pissing down with torrential rain.

Luckily the kids had hoodies on, so the top half of them stayed dry.  The dogs were sopping wet and FILTHY,  so they went straight into their crate.

ABOVE:  the lounge with all the new cushions.  I love them.   So bright and cheerful.

2.45 pm:  Today's Open Home was a fizzer.  Only 1 group through.  So much for the 'HOT AUCKLAND MARKET'.  I'm so despondent right now.

Dinner was just lovely, and so was seeing Steve, Bex and the boys. A quiet evening after they left.  Just watching TV, mucking around on the computer etc.

End of Day:  a day spent doing a shit load of 'getting ready' for nothing.  Oh well... another Open Home next weekend then.

nite nite


  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Yeah. That wasn't me. I'm the original decluttery anonymous, fwiw. I tried to sign in with a handle but for some reason nothing worked. I hope you have a great open day with a good result. Sod tez internetz.

  2. House looks grrat good luck today

  3. Hope u have lots of pole thru for open home and you get an unconditional cash offer xx

  4. Crap. Some people are so freakin' rude. Your room looks v v pretty x

  5. Your lounge looks great. The buyers are supposed to be looking at the house, not the decor. Hugs.

  6. I really like the colour and the way it ties in with the candles, etc. But regardless of what I think, isn't the point of an open home to let people imagine what they would do if they lived in the space? In some ways a perfectly designed interior is distracting - it is easier to mentally remove someone else's personal touches if it doesn't look like an unpersonalised show home. I don't want to buy someone else's decor, I want to be able to imagine the bare bones of the house. The other thing is all the houses laid out to formula start to blur in your mind as a buyer. Nothing wrong with a touch of personal distinction. You already toned it down a lot and decluttered, which was a good idea I think. Just my two cents! Penny xo

    1. I agree. Imagine going thru 10-15 open homes a week where all the houses are neutral & staged. Most buyers are not actually stupid and can visualise themselves and their own furniture in a place.

  7. I think your home is lovely. It is always so tidy and so pretty. The person who said that should be ashamed of their rude self....

  8. Archer 4 months!!! Wow nice pics from yesterday loving the bright cushions so cheerful, sorry that people aren't warming to the house surround yourself with those gorgeous grandsons!!!!!

  9. Anonymous4:09 PM


    We managed to sell my mothers home at auction yesterday, basically for the land really, we did get a very good price , she needs it to move into aged care. It has been a rather stressful time here getting everything ready after 58 years of stuff....I hope your home sells soon....its a great house.



    1. So glad you sold with no problems. Thanks for the kind words Peta.

  10. Your home is lovely. Full of colour and love. My son who was also my realtor at the time I sold told me that one day the person who falls in love with your home and it's the right price you will know. And I did. It will happen for you too.

  11. I am sorry you are having such difficulty selling the house. It's totally the cutest house ever and it's in perfect condition. I would be thrilled to buy it! It's just wierd because right away you seemed to have two buyers - they fizzled out and now nothing. Don't despair. The house and area and neighborhood all seem charming.

  12. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Sorry you haven't had more interest! I like the pop of colour - prospective buyers aren't dils - they know your furniture will be moving with you & they will decorate to their own tastes. I think it down right rude someone would say it's tacky. Clearly their mumma didn't teach them if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all!!!!!!!

  13. Good luck. It looks perfect. The right buyer is right around the corner.

  14. *whew* which... can you imagine doing that with a preschooler and a crawling baby!?? I did for a little bit when my husband left for a job in Kansas City. I remained behind to sell the house. Actually it wasn't that hard (except for being away from my husband and doing everything, everything myself). At that stage of my life I didn't have that much STUFF, you know? :)

  15. You are making me want new cushions.


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