Monday, August 31, 2015


Stew is off to Hamilton today for 3 days... and he will be staying there overnight, so won't be home till Wednesday night.

I will miss him heaps I'm sure.

While he's away I shall be touching up more walls where I've taken pictures down from.
I did a pretty 'fast' job' of it on Saturday, now I've got time to do it better.

I need more paint roller sponge thingees, so will go down to Bunnings this morning to get some.

I'm happy to go it actually, it means one less big job when we do leave here.  I might just look around and see what else I can to keep busy or I'll go nuts!

Lastly for now, I'm going to have a go at making pork buns (steamed or baked).  Bex and Steve have been getting adventurous in the kitchen making them and I tasted one the other night... OMG yum!
So... I'm checking out recipes on Pinterest then I will get the recipe requirements while I'm out this morning.


11.41 am:  Well that was fun!  Running around in the rain.  NOT.
But I did get some groceries and a steamer... probably the last one available in Manukau in fact.  I had to go to several different places to find one.

ABOVE:  I didn't even come in it's box,  or with instructions... the store printed out the Instruction Manual for me.  It was cheap though, so SCORE.
So... what else do you steam besides Pork Buns?  lol

I'm cold now... so might turn on the heater and have some lunch.

4.15 pm:  Really struggling with motivation today.  Can't get enthusiastic about anything.  Living in LIMBO is hard.  There is bugger all to do but look at 4 walls, wondering what else I can do to enhance the house's saleability.
I know I've done virtually everything I can now.
Dumm dee dooo... BORED SHITLESS.  Have been eating chips and lollies this afternoon, and seriously, I don't end like them any more!

End of Day:  Well it's been 'one of those days'.  Bla.  Hopefully tomorrow is better.
nite nite


  1. You can steam vegges in it! Can you use it as a rice cooker?

  2. I have one of those steamers, we use it all the time. Yes you can do rice and veges and dumplings and steamed buns.


    1. I mean chips

    2. CHOPS.... now there's an idea! ding ding....

  4. Happy to help lol

  5. When I need to steam anything (chicken, fish, egg, vegetables), I use my wok. I put a metal stand in the wok, pour some water and place a wide bowl with the food over the stand. Finally I cover the wok. I put in the food after the water has boiled.

  6. Anonymous2:24 AM

    Tupperware have a great steamer now so good with yummy recipes too!

  7. We have that exact steamer and use it every day to cook our vegies... Rarely use the stovetop :) about to go shopping for a new one as we have just about killed this one... this will be my third one in the last 5 years since I discovered them... no more burnt pots!


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