Saturday, September 05, 2015


Well... ALMOST!
Archer is 4 months old TODAY... and he's trying very hard to roll over... back to front.

ABOVE:  adorable wee man.  

Today we have no plans as such.  The house is fairly shipshape, so not too much to do before tomorrow's Open Home.

It's supposed to be utterly shit weather, so maybe a stay indoors, do bugger all day?

Let's wait and see eh?


Well looks like the weather forecast was wrong.  It's a beautiful day out there.  Maybe it will change later on?
Either way, I'm still hanging the washing inside... cos sure as eggs if I hang it outside it will rain.   The washing that got hung out the other day is still out there as it got rained on all week.

I'm a weather forecaster today.  It's getting cold.  Just turned on the heater... brrrr.
We plan on going to Sylvia Park mid afternoon... Griffin needs a haircut and I can't be arsed doing it.
And I want to get another cushion that I saw at Bed Bath and Table... on sale, half price.  Hopefully it's still there.

It wasn't. So I got 4 more from the Design Store!

And now we are at Mission Bay getting a Movenpik icecream. Shit does Hamilton have a Movenpik shop????

10.29 pm:  well whoops!  Forgot to update for a while.
After our ice creams we went to Bunnings and got more Water Spot cleaner for the shower doors/walls. 
Home.  Stew cooked dinner, Pork and Rosemary rissoles and veges, very nice.

End of Day:   spent a quiet evening watching the telly and just chillin'.
nite nite


  1. I keep forgetting that you are in winter right now. We coming to the end of summer and I can't wait for cooler weather. Don't feel bad, our weather people are hardly ever right, either! Love that little pumpkin! I'll bet you are enjoying him very much! Hope your cushion is/was still there. Thanks for stopping by my Peacock post! Since I started working full-time, I just don't seem to have the energy to stay up on my posts. I love hearing about your life, even if I don't always drop you a line. Thanks for your support, Chris!

  2. Really, now, Archer is SO much like his big brother it's like they're time-delayed twins. :)

  3. Argh I accidentally just deleted my comment! I don't think Hamilton has a Mövenpick shop, but they used to have a lovely Italian ice cream shop in the city at Garden Place I seem to recall?
    Keeping my fingers crossed the move will happen soon and go well - moving is stressful!!!

  4. Good to see that Steve is putting his building skills to good use by building the boys toys

  5. Penny9:15 PM

    Hey, well spotted Dee, that is very cool! Excellent skills for a parent to have. My parents were very good at coming up with innovative ways to provide us with toys and games, which I remember fondly now. Very lucky boys! Penny

  6. Cambridge has an awesome gelato shop - close to Hamilton and on the way to Tirau - shopping trip :-)

  7. Ahhh yes, sure as eggs.....! If it rains here, and I put the houseplants out, It will always stop raining before I get the last one out!
    Sure as eggs....

  8. Anonymous4:40 AM

    TBH the living room looks very mish mash and tacky perhaps getting a few interior mags may give you some ideas?

    1. At least have the balls to put a name to your comment.

    2. No point asking for a name Tracy.... a made up one or even their real name means nothing when you can't meet them or leave them a comment on THEIR blog... if they have one.

    3. That was very mean spirited anonymous

  9. The living room looks like a home with character not a page out of a design magazine which always appear cold

  10. That dinner sounds so good to me.

  11. I also always loved the colours in the lounge and house it is hard to know declutter? spruce up, add in take out its certainly a juggling process


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