Thursday, September 17, 2015


I had completely forgotten what happens to my back when I sit and sew for long periods of time!
OMG my back is killing me!

I'm going to take a break from the sewing this morning and go shopping instead.

Bricoes is having a SALE ... like ALWAYS... but today they are selling sheet sets for only $15 and I could do with some more for sure.
It doesn't take long for sheets to get ruined.  

Sadly it's from GIRLS/WOMEN mostly... not me though!  I'm fixed.  lol
I had one person stay years ago and she got her monthly and WHOOPS, sheet ruined.  Didn't help that the sheet wasn't put in the wash until they left, which was too late to save the sheet by then.

So anyway... I'll get a few sets I think.

When I get home again I'll do some more work on the baby quilt.  I do have a couple of weeks until Chris D arrives, in transit to England.  So plenty of time.


9.48 am:

ABOVE:  Well I braved the crowds... NOT.  *smiles*  Briscoes have so many SALES another one is nothing new.  The shop was virtually empty!
Anyway... I digress.   I got one more King, three Queens and two King Singles.   I've not bought these Micro Fibre Sheets before, so I hope they are decent.  If not, hey!  They were dirt cheap.

Now what?   I've got some washing to hang out, then I might just get on with my sewing.
I'm thoroughly enjoying sewing again!
I dream of setting up my sewing room again in a new home, what fun that will be.

I've been incredibly evil.  I've done bugger all all afternoon!  Been on the computer, doing emails, Facebook catch up, reading up on stuff of interest... just chillin!

Looking forward to a quiet evening, it's takeaway night too, so yaaa, I don't have to cook.
I keep meaning to only do takeaways once a fortnight, but I'm too lazy! Derr.

End of Day: well a totally unproductive day.  
nite nite


  1. Bex and I have one of those microfiber sheets, they are really good, especially for the price.

  2. I agree with Steve. One of my better buys. They're so soft and comfy, I ended up going back for a second set.

  3. Bar soap and/or peroxide work great on that. Although if it wasn't "mine" I probably wouldn't want to clean it either lol.

    1. IKKKK... I threw it out! No way was I gunna try and clean it. the person who did it should have.

  4. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Nope those microfibre sheets wear out too quick

  5. Anonymous4:49 PM

    So someone bled on your sheets...and didn't tell you??? And left the house? I hope you didn't invite them back!

    1. Yeah... not likely to come back ever! Wasn't family luckily.

    2. Penny7:34 PM

      Well, all I can say is that as a teenage girl in particular the thought of that happening was MORTIFYING to say the least, but I would have told my Mum, and as an adult I would suck it up and confess to the host. It is embarrassing but most women at least would understand that it happens!

      Sounds like a great day, enjoy the takeaways! Penny xo

  6. You are the least laziest person u know and if u have takeaway night once a weekeaning u can have a night of good on you. X

  7. Gordy and I have those sheets and we love them.

  8. Hope you back feel better soon. Fingers crossed you get some good news about the house. Take care.

  9. Those microfibre sheets sets are so cheap and my friend buys them all the time she swears by them......


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