Tuesday, September 29, 2015


So last night's dinner and cake was a 'deliberate blimp' in my renewed diet.

It wasn't worth it.

The cake:

ABOVE: My very amateurish decorating effort!  It was a white chocolate mud cake.  The cake itself was so dense it was BLOODY AWFUL!  I won't be buying it again.
The icing was nice ... *smiles*  First sweet thing in days.

Won't be having any more though.  It's not worth the ikk feeling afterwards.

ABOVE: My roasted seeds.... I added about a dessertspoon of butter and some salt at the end.  They taste just as good as the ones I bought at the market, but cost 1/4 of the price.  I think I made as much as what I'd bought at the market too, so a good comparison.

I feel like I'm forgetting something today... but damned if I can remember what?  I hope it wasn't important.  *yikes*

Today I'm going to chill... the kids are perfectly happy just playing on the XBox or with the dogs... so they are easy care.
They kinda know better than to annoy me anyway!  I dish out 'consequences' pretty fast!

I'm not a nice mother.  I have very little tolerance now days.  Maybe one day when I no longer have to raise kids fill time, tolerance will come back?

All I know for sure is, I love them, but can't wait till they leave home!  It will be AMAZING to one day have NO KIDS living at home.

36 and a half years of non-stop child raising is more than the average woman has to do ... right?  And let's be real... B & G are still a few years off leaving home, so by the time they do it will probably be 40+ years!

Right... enough of that... I am going to get the housework done, then find something relaxing to do.  Maybe some sewing?


TRACY: Oh wouldn't that be amazing!  Can't afford it sadly.

OMG I had the WORST time ever this morning trying to brush out my wet hair.  Don't quite know why, but by the time I got it done I was OVER my long hair.

I've made an appointment for a haircut this afternoon.  I am getting it cut off.

NOT all of it, or short ... just a good few inches.
Summer is coming and having really long hair is just going to make it worse heat wise.

ABOVE:  BEFORE the cut.
We are leaving shortly for the mall...

Ha ha!  they didn't want to do it!  They are so used to me saying 'Don't cut too much off !', I think they were scared to do it.

But... in the end we compromised and I still have some taken off, just not QUITE as much as I planned.  

Its in much better condition now, all the scraggly ends are gone.

ABOVE: you can't tell in this photo, but I had quite a bit of shaping done around the front, so the shortest bit is just under my triple chins.  *smiles*

I might get Brylee to curl it for me, so I can see how it looks curled at this length.  I'm thinking it will look WAY shorter curled.

End of Day:  OMG fuming again.  Why do I let 'stuff' get me so riled up?  I wish I could switch off being a mother/grandmother for oh.... a year would be nice.  Fat chance.
Going to bed.
nite nite


  1. Boarding school?

  2. I can't wait to see your hair cut?

  3. I am feeling ya with the long hair. Mine gets SO knotty, as it's curly I get it blown-out and temporarily straightened at the salon. That way I don't have to wash it as often as it's very very dry xxxxx

  4. You are looking beautiful,if you were to loose to much weight you'd look all wrinkly.

  5. Thank you, but I would happily trade 25 kilos for a few wrinkles!

  6. I had all my hair chopped off 3 weeks ago took me a while to get used to it but now I love it. hope you have a nice time at the mall and the kids enjoy the movies :)

  7. You have the most gorgeous hair but those blue eyes do you bleach streak your hair? I cant remember chemically straightened hair is so much less fluffly and weightless in my opinion, but if you can get rained girls to do it it costs just for the product....


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