Friday, September 11, 2015


As long as it's not pissing down with rain, I am going for a walk around my suburb this morning.
Actually, if it's raining I can take me flash new umbrella... UNLESS it's torrential rain!

It will be interesting to see how many steps I clock up, I intend going for quite a big walk.
I need to be home again by late morning as Kelly, Gordon and Rena are due to arrive.

Kelly and Gordon are heading off to Coromandel for a 'grown up' birthday party over the weekend, so we are looking after Rena.

Here's hoping they have a nice time while away...  the weather forecast is a bit iffy though, so maybe not too many outside activities.

I had planned on going to patchwork class, but it won't fit in with the family coming.  Never mind, there is always next week.

I might take Rena down to the mall after lunch and get her some colouring in books and pens/felts to play with over the weekend.  I don't have anything much in the house for her to play with right now!  It's all in storage!

So, that's my plan for the morning... off to do all the usual stuff... dogs, beds, general tidy up.... 


Well... while I don't mind walking in light rain... I draw the line at torrential rain and this stuff:

ABOVE:  Freezing hail!  There's been several hail episodes come through in the past hour, so I'm not going walking.  Well, not outside anyway.
I might get on the treadmill later I think.

For now... I'm just pottering around the house.  Got dinner on in the crock pot, a beef stew.

2.00 pm:  And Kelly and Gordon have come and gone, leaving Miss Rena here with me.
We had some lunch (kindly provided by K & G), then we went down to the mall for 'stuff'.

ABOVE:  ha ha... stuff included 2 new outfits, new sneakers ... AND a couple of colouring books with felts.

End of Day: dinner was nice... then I got to watch my favourite TV... I love Friday nights!  *smiles* Coronation Street!  Rena has been a good little girl, she went to bed no trouble at all.
nite nite


  1. Have a lovely day with Rena :-)

  2. I wonder if you will have to start posting your recipes. Every day I think, hmmm that sounds good. I wonder how she makes it!

  3. loving that pink trakky set! wish that had that in big kid size! :)

  4. Rena is getting so big! Such a pretty girl.

  5. I love Rena's new outfits :)

  6. Love the outfits!! You have gorgeous grandchildren and they're lucky to have you :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  7. I hope something really good happens for you this weekend, that you sell your house, you need something to lift your spirits.

  8. Love the new clothes. . Hope rena said thank you....

  9. You're such a good grandma x

  10. Sheesh hail thats no fun. Rena is so tall now wow super cute outfits too.

  11. Rena's so so pretty.

  12. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Rena is a cutie!!!!!!!!!


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