Monday, September 14, 2015


The family I mentioned yesterday, who are keen on our home are coming for a second viewing tonight.

Promising, promising.... so I have to wait all day, keep the house spic and span, and make sure the kids don't come home and mess it up!

Dogs too.   I will have to get the kids and dogs out by about 5.15 pm... I'll park the car down the road with them in it... then once the Estate Agent arrives I'll bugger off and leave them to it.

The viewing is at 5.30 pm, so it's going to be a long day.

Fitbit:  yesterday was a good day, I clocked up almost 7,000 steps.  I'm averaging about 6,300 steps per day at the moment.  So, the numbers are slowly getting better.

DIET:  completely stuffed up lately.  Can't quite get back on track right now, but I am not giving up.  I'm the worst emotional eater EVER, it's a fact of life.  I'm hoping once the house sale is done and dusted, my stress levels will ease and life can get back on track properly.

Right, that's all for now....  I'm going to see what I need to get done today... not much I think.


Well... I've done the washing (poor Stew was running out of work shirts!), and I've done some of the prep work for tonight.

There is a lovely beef roast in the crock pot, and I plan on baking a loaf of bread, timed to come out of the bread baker just before the viewing time too.  So the  house will smell DELICIOUS *smiles*.

I'm leaving no trick undone today. 

Right now... I'm relaxing, no point getting all bent out of shape.  It either happens, or it is on to the next Open Home, with a really, really tidy house!  lol

ALL READY... and praying that they turn up!
I couldn't bear another 'no show'!
I'm all hot and bothered, and damn tired.
You wouldn't think there was much to do after having an Open Home yesterday would ya?

But, it's done and all I have to do now is put the kids and dogs in the car and park me car down the road.

I need to stay to let Paul/Steve (Estate Agents) in the house, then I can walk down to the car and wait.

And dinner is done!  Roast beef and veges with fresh, homemade herb bread.

Well they have arrived... fingers crossed now!

8.23 pm:  and we are in negotiations with the 'buyers' right now.  Things are looking OK.
Their offer is subject to all the usual things, plus them selling their house.  So, not a sure thing... but it's a positive step forward.

We are at the haggling stage... $$$$'s to be agreed yet.  

9.00 pm:  and we have a contract on the house.
It's conditional on all the usual stuff, plus they have to sell their home.
We have a 'cash out' clause in case we get a cash offer in the interim, before they sell their's.

Open homes will continue until they go UNCONDITIONAL... which won't happen till they sell their house.

So... it will drag on for a while yet.  BUT... at least we have a contract!

End of Day:  a long day, but a good one for once.
Hope is in the air.
nite nite


  1. Fingers crossed for the viewing, no point in getting too worked up, there is nothing at all you can do to influence it.

    Have a nice peaceful day instead :-)

  2. Good luck with the second viewing

  3. I hope the viewers are not vegetarian - the beef might upset them (I am kidding!!!)

  4. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Good luck for tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dinner sounds lovely :-)

  5. not sure where my message went
    good luck with second veiwing at 5.30
    I have sorted pick up for that trade so dont stress you have enough on your plate
    Hope get to catch up next time Im up I can get a bus to Hamilton and visit

    hugs Xxxxx

    1. I have already picked it up chick.

  6. Good luck with the Open Home! Fingers crossed negotiations are underway very soon!

  7. Hope the viewing goes well - good luck!!

  8. good luck for a sale today xxx

  9. Best of luck. Everything crossed for you!

  10. Good luck Chris and Stew!! Hope you are able to agree on the $$$ and that they are then able to sell their place quickly enough for you!! Fingers crossed xx

  11. Great news - where is the house they are selling? I hope it sells fast.

    1. Manurewa East, so not far from here actually. And yes, of course we want them to sell fast too!

    2. That's good - Manurewa is an area selling well apparently.

  12. Yay - a positive end to your day

  13. Well that's better thank a sharp stick in the eye! I hope they can sell their house!

  14. Congratulations!! That's excellent news :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  15. oh the blardy suspense is killing me I want to race ahead and read ahead MUST NOT DO IT lol


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