Tuesday, September 08, 2015


So Stew has gone to Hamilton today, I am not sure if he's staying overnight or coming back?
I forgot to ask him.
Whoops.  Either way, he's out of town today and tomorrow.

Re: Yesterday's mood.  Of course I'm bored!  But I hate saying it.
Bored = Boring.
And I don't want to be boring.

But it is what it is.  I have to stop living in LIMBO and just get on with it.  I will go back to my Friday patchwork class I think.
Luckily I did leave my sewing machine here!  And all the fabric I need to work on my next quilt.  So I can do that at least.

So... it's a new day... and hopefully a good one.


8.44 am:  Stew is safely in Hamilton, and he is coming home tonight.  Yaaa, I will sleep ok tonight then.

Kids have gone to school and I'm feeling much better today.  I'm even going to put me 'face' on!  I'm in me trackies, I am going to Sylvia Park to walk up and down it's length a few times.  It's much NICER to do a walk when you are out and about around people.

After my walk I will call in and see Bex if she's home. If not, I will come home and have me lunch.

I got on the scales this morning... 3 weeks of being a miserable pig and I've gained 3 kilos.  If only it was that easy to lose!  Never mind, I'm in this for the long haul, so I shall just keep working on it.  I'm feeling positive today, so let's not dwell on a gain eh?  *smiles*

1.09 pm:  
Well I found out two things today.  Sylvia Park mall is 1.25 kms long, if you park in the most extreme end carpark.  And I clocked up 3,467 steps by walking from one end to the other ... twice.  I was silly though, I wore long track pants and a long sleeved track top.  If I hadn't got so darn hot I would have walked another 'there and back'.

Next time I will.

After my walk I visited Bex and the boys, which was lovely.  Archer is such a happy bubba, and Dante is very entertaining.  BOSSY, but entertaining.

Then on my way home I stopped at the supermarket for a few things for tomorrow night's dinner...

 ABOVE:  I didn't mean to buy a 'kit'... just the tacho shell thingees.  I'm making my nacho mince mix to go in them, along with lettuce, tomatoes and capsicums.
I hope it's nice.  

ABOVE:  LUNCH today.  I should be farting up a storm by tonight... pity Stew!  lol

Not a good evening.  Family issues.  Probably going to toss and turn all night.  

End of Day:  a wonderful DAY.  Not so wonderful after dinner though.
Shit happens.  WE deal with it.
nite nite


  1. Enjoy your walking...good to hear you are out and about...had a great walk on One Tree Hill last week, maybe you could do that on a fine day?? Lots of daffodils and baby lambs to see.

  2. Limbo is hard. My heart goes out to you.

  3. Is there any way you can go to Hamilton and stay overnight with Stew occasionally? I am sure Bex & Steve can look after B&G for a night.

  4. I have read of those taco 'boats" being used as pie bases, something different for leftovers ?

  5. ... sounds like we live a similar life. I'm always trying to find things to do or make (or buy!!) to amuse me between school drop off's and pick up's. It's so hard. You can only wipe the kitchen bench SO MANY TIMES, and yes, it is so so very boring. I don't even have any family to turn to. Oh well, enough whinging from me xxxx

  6. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Life eisnt easy, you see it how you see it, maybe open your eyes to someone else's life and how they might have to live it, some have it nice, some have it rough, and some have it dam right difficult.
    And go in DCR bloody diss me and call me this and that, I'm over giving a single fuck now, I not my mother but iv bloody tried and tried and tried and bloody tried, so yea.

    That is all.

  7. We have used those stand n stuff very cool, wow impressive steps just at Sylvia park its getting slightly warmer here so the pushbike is pumped up ready to go......


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