Friday, September 04, 2015


I'm in a quandary.
I look around my lounge and think..."ikk".
It's just not me at all.
There is hardly any colour.
So, I am thinking of putting just a tiny bit back.

Not sure if it will be some flowers, ornaments or what.

I'm still thinking about it.

I also have to finish painting the walls that had picture hook holes all over them... so that might get done today.

The only other thing on my 'To Do' list is read some blogs, catch up on who's doing what.
I really have been the worst blogger 'friend' of late... well the last year or so!
I think that's one of the reasons I feel like not blogging sometimes, because I feel guilty for not keeping up to date with all my favourite blogs.

So... I will try to do some reading today.  And get some exercise too... treadmill/exercycle.   Steps... I want to get to at least 7,000 today.
I can do it!


OMG I could scream.
I am busy getting beds made etc... and then I finally get down the the Family Room to find this:

ABOVE:   Tallulah has been eating my beautiful rug AGAIN.  I'm so angry right now I could throttle her.
Then I look around the house... and can't find even one of her toys?
Where the hell are they?
No wonder she's chewing me rug, she's got nothing to play with at all.  
I don't forgive her, but I will be getting her more toys for sure.

Right, back to the housework.  I've just put a Chicken/Mushroom/Onion casserole in the Crock Pot for tonight's dinner... to be had with some nice veges. 

WHOOP!  I've had fun this morning!
I went to Sylvia Park, didn't find anything I wanted there, so went across the road to Freedom/The Importer/The Design Store.  SUCCESS.

See what ya think of me lounge now:

 BEFORE:  Ikk... dull.

ABOVE:  Now.  Colour.  No flowers though, I wanted to get away from flowers.

ABOVE:  I adore this throw, it's so bright and cheerful.

After getting the cushions and throw I went to Animates and got Tallulah some more toys.

ABOVE:  She seems to like them, and even Coco gave them a sniff.

So far today I've done 4,926 steps too.  Awesome.

So weird... I love reading blogs once I get going! I'm slowly plugging away at my huge list of them... on the couch, snuggly blankie on my knee, fire on... BLISS.

End of Day:  Dinner was lovely and it's been a lovely quiet evening enjoying some tv.
Now watching Coronation Street, love Friday nights!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Flowers always look lovely. Just remember -- it's not about you. It's about making space for a prospective buyer to see him or herself in the space.

  2. Rose, my dog, always eats her bed! That's why she only gets $10 beds. All the toys in the world and she still eats her bed! Re the flowers, on open house/inspection days put fresh flowers in the house. Apparently it's supposed to be a good selling tool. Can get expensive, but keep the clutter to a minimum except fresh flowers on inspections. Good luck!! xxx

  3. Cushions and rug are a great compromise Chris, they are a nice dash of colour.

  4. Anonymous12:23 AM

    Id just have the moo cow picture on the wall as a feature piece and take the other one down

  5. You are an awesome blogger friend to me Chris xxx

  6. Sorry about the rug. Hope the new toys keep her occupied.

  7. I love the cushions and throw nice, your fitbit is sure motivating well done you.....


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