Wednesday, September 23, 2015


So I had a massive hissy fit yesterday.  I was just so upset about our 3rd Contract falling over I just wanted to crawl into bed and stay there.

Luckily (I suppose), I couldn't, because I had the Real Estate guys coming around with a videotographer/Photographer to take a promotional video of our house, and new photos too.

This is being done in an effort to BOOST our home's appeal and refresh our advertising on the internet.  Wasn't our idea, it was our Estate Agents (The Professionals).  They are also covering the cost of this, which is quite a considerable amount!  Those poor buggers are certainly earning their money.

So, they arrived at 11 am and it took over 2 hours for the video and photos to be taken!
The video is ONLY a 30 second video, but it took that long!  Plus photos.

 ABOVE:  'R' up on the tree stump taking photos...

ABOVE:  I was a great help... telling him where to stand to get the best shots!  lol

 ABOVE:  R.... he's a bit of a stud muffin! 
Shish, don't tell Stew I said that... *smiles*

ABOVE:  R's idea ... take the firescreen down... and he was right.  It looks so much nicer without it.  If I ever use it again I might just paint it white or cream so it's not so 'in ya face'.

Something else that happened yesterday, before the photographer arrived....

We had a company installing Broadband super fast cable in our little street last week, and they left our grass verge/front lawns in a right royal mess!

At about 9 am two blokes came along in a little grader and started flattening out all the lumps of clay, then laying down grass seed.

I got out there quick smart and asked them what they were doing putting grass seed on clay, and IN the big holes that were left there by the cable layers?

They said they were the 'clean up' guys and were just doing their job.  I said no way were the holes safe, and the grass was certainly NOT going to grow on clay!

I was so incensed I went and took photos of the shit job they were doing.  They didn't like that.

BELOW:  the hole right outside my house... it had gone under the footpath, making the footpath unstable, and of course a hazard for anyone walking along in the dark.  

After taking the photos, I went inside and rang Chorus (responsible for the job), and talked to a lovely guy there who said "send me the photos"... so I did.

By then the guys had gone.   ONE HOUR later, they came back with a big truck full of topsoil, and they proceeded to fill up all the holes in the street, and lay down more grass seed!  

They had the audacity to tell me that they had put down the first lot of grass seed,  UNDER the topsoil, so the birds wouldn't eat it!  I may be a crabby tart, but I'm not an idiot!  Grass won't grow from under masses of top soil.  

So, I got results by being a crabby bitch with a camera.  Score.

Today?  I'm going to post a container to a friend in Christchurch then maybe visit Bex and the boys.  I want to get out of the house for a while.

When I get home again I will continue working on the baby quilt.


2.13 pm:  I'm doing well today.  I went for a big walk around the mall, inside and outside, cos I got hot, then I bought some t-shirts for summer walking, and then lunch for Bex, the Boys and I.

It was nice to spend an hour or so at Bex's, just relaxing and enjoying the boys.   

I have done 7,739 steps so far today.   Yesterday I did 10,039... clearly I was busy yesterday getting the house all tidy and just keeping busy.

Time to take a little break and watch Home and Away before I go and do some sewing.  If I'm not careful I won't have that quilt finished before Chris D gets here next week.

6.42 pm:  and I've done some sewing, and I've got two mince/potato and cheese pies in the oven for dinner.  Stew should be home soon, just in time for when the pies come out of the oven.

I'm going to really enjoy dinner tonight, cos tomorrow....

End of Day: looking forward to a nice evening, hopefully I will get some more sewing done, and by tomorrow I might be hand stitching the binding on that quilt!
nite nite


  1. Hope the new photos do the job. Time I did another update but we have a full day scheduled so must get moving. It always amazes me how much better we feel after a night's rest.

  2. Squeaky wheel gets the grease ;)

  3. Wow he was really hot!! You had a lot happen yesterday, glad to see you blogging again today.

  4. Leigh9:43 AM

    Good on you getting the holes/lawn sorted that was really dangerous and ugly. PS I agree the photographer is hot!

  5. It sucks about the contracts falling over - I know how frustrating that is. Good luck with the new advertising campaign !

  6. They picked the wrong woman on the wrong day to argue with!!!!

    Glad to see you a bit brighter today.

  7. I love it "I may be Crabby bit I am not an idiot"!!!! I hope you used that line on them :-)

  8. hhhmmm he was a bit cute wonder if housing corp want any photos and videos taken of my unit lol

    thie house will sell hun and you will find a new home

    glad u got front lawn sorted that hole was huge


  9. OOh! Everyone is going to want to see their house now - just for the photographer : P Love yesterday's post by the way! Cracked me up.

    1. Really! Funny... two lines in that post, and it got OVER 1,000 views. Weird!

  10. Great you see you picked yourself up and got busy. Good luck with the sale.

  11. With all that crap going on, no wonder you had a hissy fit!
    They guy taking pictures/video of your house is a leprechaun. everyone with a beard and no moustache is a leprichan, there are no exceptions to this rule.

  12. Anonymous12:46 AM

    why do you keep removing my comment?

    1. 'Jane Payne'? It was crude and vulgar that's why.

  13. Sorry to hear that the offer fell through. Hope this new promotional video gets you another one soon. Fingers crossed.

  14. Im so sorry the sale fell flat, clearly a photo taking woman is NOT TO BE MESSED with good on you and with you trying to sell you don't need tardiness outside !


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