Sunday, September 20, 2015


It wasn't.... the weather I mean.
We were expecting shitty weather yesterday... but it didn't really happen.

Today on the other hand IS supposed to be dreadful.  Just in time for our next Open Home.

I am hoping like hell this will be one of our last open homes?  Ya never know.  There is a bloke selling his house by Auction this weekend who is keen on our house.  IF he sells this weekend, we MIGHT be getting another offer on the house.  Which MIGHT cancel out the existing offer.... and speed things up a bit.

As it stands, we are still having to wait for our current buyers to sell their home, and as far as I can tell it's not even on the market yet!  Maybe they have a few things to attend to first, as we did too?

Anyway... it's a 'normal' Sunday here then.  Clean and tidy and get ready for another Open.  As the weather is supposed to be dreadful, we are not expecting many to come... if any.
But we still have to do all the preparation like usual.

I'm sending Stew and the kids grocery shopping this morning so I can just get on with it.  They are not much use really, except for vacuming, emptying bins and picking up dog poop!
I do literally everything else.

So... until much later... I hope you have a better day than me!


10.36 am:  And so far the dreadful weather is holding off...  maybe we won't get it?  lol
Knowing our luck it will start at 1.45 pm, just before our Open.  

I've just hung some net on our walk-in-wardrobe window.  It's the only window that had the new house being built to our side looming over it.  I can't get dressed in there now due to the builders being able to see in!
Can't have that eh? 

I just used the net that I took off the lounge windows, so it didn't cost me a cent either.  SCORE. 

1.02 pm:

ABOVE:  clouds looming... they just have to hold off for another 90 minutes and our Open Home will be over...

5.24 pm:  and we were so lucky with the weather!  It didn't rain at all.  
We had a total of 6 groups through, which was a good turn out.

One of our Agents had a new listing, and they had the first Open Home today, and no one turned up.  So we were lucky today for sure.

Our buyer's house goes on the market this week, and their first open home is next weekend.  Hopefully they sell fast.

Steve, Bex and the little boys are here for dinner.  Steve found a butchery in Orakei that sells amazing Duck N Orange sausages, so he bought some for dinner tonight, and is cooking them too.
Bex has made a Chocolate cake for dessert, so we are being spoilt rotten tonight.

End of Day:  well a delightful evening... Dante was like an energiser battery...on the go non stop!  The sausages were delicious and so was the banana cake.
Everyone has gone home/to bed and it's just me watching 'A Place To Call Home'... an Australian series that I am really enjoying.
Almost time to go to bed myself.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Hope the open home had a few ppl thru :) see U soon for dinner mmmmm duck and orange sausages and banana cake


  2. Hope the open home went well and the weather held off. It started raining here just before I had to go our (typical). By the time the concert had finished it was sunny again & I was regretting the decision not to take sunglasses - typical Auckland weather.

  3. You were lucky with the rain - I went out to Royal Oak and wow, it poured down!! I thought of you and your open homes. Yum, those duck and orange sausages sound good ;)

  4. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Hi Sounds like a good day for all you guys ! The weather here in OZ is lovely today, we bought some plants etc...had a little walk around in the little village which has various boutique type shops, art gallery's and coffee shops, it was very nice to get out after all the house stuff we have been doing etc.





  5. I think I know the butcher Steve means. They are next to my old chiropractors and they have some really good stuff. I quite often popped in there, I am not keen on sausages usually but I have had some really nice ones from there.

  6. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Great turn out at the Open Home!
    Have you got the new Austin drama over there '800 words'? Aussies that move to NZ? Eric Thompson's new gig....jury is out here... I'll wait for the next ep.
    Sleep well Chris,
    Sharnee, Melbourne Aus.

  7. Steve and Bex are amazing kids! You must be so proud of them for raising beautiful, happy boys and taking care of you when you need it most. Love to you and to them. Fingers crossed the house sells soon :)
    ~Nicole in CA

  8. We have Bruces homemade sausages here and they do pork and fennel, pork n watercress, curried sausage to die for, and a thai beef they ship nationwide I think...... Gosh open homes I WANT TO SKIP TO THE END!!!!!


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