Saturday, September 26, 2015


I plan on sleeping in this morning, so I shall be back a bit later on to do a proper morning update.

I hope you are sleeping in too!


And now we have a plan.
We have visitors first thing this morning, then once they have gone we are going to ...

Matakana Market, then taking a walk along Omaha Beach.  

It's a glorious day out there, so we are going to make the most of it.

10.00 am:  and just found out Tallulah has gone into season today.
Now I have to make a BIG decision.  Breed her or not this season?

It could prove to be 'bad timing' with selling house/moving if I do breed her, OR I might say 'NO'.... and then we might not sell for ages and I will have missed the chance to breed with her this season.


4.53 pm:  And we are home again.
The market was a bit ho hum today, same stalls, nothing different at all.
It was nice to get out and about though, and a lot of other people must have thought the same thing as the market was packed.

 ABOVE:  people enjoying the outdoors, eating down by the tidal stream.

 ABOVE:  Live music.

ABOVE:  you could leave your dog at the 'Dog Minding' station.  Not a bad idea really.  Note that really BIG dog on the left?  He kept pulling his minder away, she really struggled to keep him there.

The only thing I bought was...

ABOVE:  some seeds.  And I dipped my lunch banana in them... it was quite nice.
Stew and the kids had pizza and chips.  I went for a walk while they ate... my resolve isn't THAT strong yet!

After lunch we drove to Omaha, where Stew and the kids had a walk along the beach.  I stayed in the car as I simply have NO ENERGY right now.  No doubt due to the VLC diet.

End of Day:  well a nice quiet evening...then a rush to sand and paint the holes in the lounge wall where the firescreen was attached!  Phew, nearly forgot to do it before tomorrow's Open Home!
nite nite


  1. great plan girlfriend

  2. Enjoy Matakana, I love it up there. My opinion on Tallulah is no, you don't need the extra stress at the moment.

  3. I think yes, puppies could be a lovely distraction

  4. Penny6:47 PM

    Personally, I think you are showing a lot of resolve! Fancy eating banana and seeds (looks yummy by the way) and then going for a walk to avoid pizza and chips. Well done! And for last night too... Chris is BACK!!! Penny xo

  5. What sort of seeds Chris sounds like nice idea love banana and seeds never thought of putting together

    1. Dry roasted sunflower, sesame and pumpkin. I'm not sure of their calorific value, must look it up! They taste so YUM!

  6. The market looked neat, I eat raw sunflower sesame and pinenuts but roasted sounds nice might try that,


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