Thursday, September 03, 2015


Today I have arranged to meet up with Bex and the boys at St Lukes mall.
For a change of scene.

While there I hope to find some little, flat glass dishes to put the candles on,  above the lounge fireplace.
The old ones have left stains on the mantle, so I don't want that to happen again.  As it is, I have to repaint the mantle sometime before Sunday's Open Home.

So... that's about it for now!  No plans after the mall... hopefully I will clock up plenty of steps while out and about.


1.41 pm:
Well... I've  had a wonderful morning with Bex and the boys.  We wandered around the mall, had lunch and just had a nice time really.
I looked for a present for Stew, but didn't see anything worth getting.
I also looked for little dishes to go under the candles but no luck there either, unless I wanted to spend $50+ on coasters?  Nope.  

On my way home I decided to pop into the Hospice and Op Shops in Onehunga.   Found the perfect little dishes for the candles !  They don't match, but hey... they are cute...

 ABOVE:  I love them, and the best thing?  Cost me $6.50.  You just have to love op shops.

End of Day:  Yaa, I didn't have to cook tonight, takeaways for us.   Steps so far today:  6,020.  Not that good, but I will get a few more in before I head off to bed.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Was a lovely morning dante loved ur pram driving lol. Loving the candles. I want some smelly ones now

  2. Perfect dishes for the candles. You could pass these on to Bex complete with candles, then you wont have to pack them.

    1. Like hell! They are mine, she can get her own. Pfffft.... *smiles*

    2. Penny5:05 PM

      I was going to say, yes, you could give them to Bex, but you could also, I don't know, keep them? Sorry Bex! I just get the feeling Chris loves those candles, they have been on the mantelpiece for a few years now at least! Penny

    3. They are new candles Penny... Bex can have the old ones... sadly the old ones have lost their smell though. *smiles*

  3. But you could go shopping and get more/better ones *smiles* I thought I would get a bite....

  4. The dish under the blue one close to camera looks like one half of a little candy dish I got for my 21st birthday. Two identical pieces which fit together. Lovely!

  5. Love the candles very you.... Hospice shop up your way is so reasonable ours is way overpriced...


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