Wednesday, September 09, 2015


I don't need to 'diss' you Lacy.  (comment you left last night)
If I did, it would be JUSTIFIED though, and you know it.

YOU chose to move away from our support.  We cannot and will not be at your beck and call, we will not be emotionally blackmailed forever and ever.  But we WILL do what is necessary to ensure Keera is safe and well, physically and emotionally.

Do you think she is emotionally safe right now?  Think about last night and her reaction to your 'conversation' with me on the phone OK?

*readers... please no comments on the above.

Today for real.... I think I need to go for another walk.  It will help clear the mind and build up me steps for the day.

I got to 7,618 steps yesterday, which was a good day.

Let's see if I can better it today eh?


Can you believe... I'm still in bed!  Yep.  Just been doing stuff from my bed so far this morning.  Answering phone calls, emails etc.
And I'm freezing!  Yet my stomach is churning in a hot, nasty type of way.

I'm gunna get up soon though.  I need to pee!  Oh and get dressed, make beds, get meat out of the freezer for dinner bla bla bla.

11.18 am:
Am now out of bed and regretting a few things this morning.    
Expressing feelings is not a bad thing, it's an honest thing.  Being shot down in flames for 'sharing' my feelings is not cool.
Particularly when I opened up to YOU.  Won't make that mistake again.
Olive branch taken back.  You won't be included in any more family situations by me.

*sigh*   back to my life as it is.... lunch!

There are 'cries for help' and then there's emotional blackmail.  I know the difference.
Also.  When you lose the plot and scream and cry, rant and rave and threaten harm.... maybe it's because you know deep down that what you are PLANNING is WRONG.  Yep.  

There are other alternatives and you were offered one today, even though it's the last thing we need right now.  But the offer was made.  Don't say it hasn't been offered. Don't try and justify where your child is now.  If harm comes to her... be it on your head.

And yes... here I am... venting to the whole world on my blog... YET AGAIN.
What an awesome mother.   Yep yep and yep.

The above was said 'tongue in cheek'.

I've had enough of today.  I'm signing off.

End of Day:   a shitty day.  Didn't get me walk.  Didn't do much at all.  My laptop charger died.  I've got my PC on a trestle table in the lounge.  It's not ideal, but at least I can still play on me computer and watch the TV.
nite nite


  1. 7600 is a good effort.... Think I only got to about 400 yesterday. Looking forward to some warmer weather! Do you find the stair counter accurate on your fitbit? My husbands one is wildly inaccurate... We spent a day together in Tassie doing exactly the same thing, and while I'd climbed 11 flights of stairs, he'd apparently climbed 89! I never heard the end of it!!!

  2. I am sure your house will sell soon, all these programmes and media saying how quickly homes are selling, it has too.

  3. It is your blog & we are your friends vent away.

  4. Penny4:06 PM

    Yes, what Tracy said! She seems a smart woman, I usually agree with her ;-)
    Penny xo

  5. I agree with Tracy too, your blog and we are your friends

  6. You ARE an awesome mom! You have put up with more crap than alot of moms would. Vent away! This blog is yours and your business! Good job on all the steps,I need to get me a fitbit, maybe it would inspire me to move more!

  7. You have the right to say what you want.

  8. Yes your an amazing Mother and person whos lived a good life and will continue to do her very best xxx

  9. Sorry you're having a bad time of it, I hope it all settles down for you soon!

  10. Yes yes and yes what they all said some days are true sloth days for a reason.... Hope you get to step step step tomorrow.

  11. hang in there Chris…you did what was right. you're an awesome mum and nanna

    BTW…your blog, say what YOU want...

  12. I'll second what the others said: You are an awesome Mom. Little ones like Keera MUST be protected.

  13. christine2:07 PM

    Hang in there, we support you. Only wish for the best for you and ALL of your kids and Grandkids! I am sorry to hear about tension between the two of you. But I truly hope you both can work it out.

  14. Hello! Won't comment except to say you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Praying for peace.


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