Saturday, September 19, 2015


The weekend weather forecast is not looking that flash, showers and rain.
Which is a bugger as our lawns really need a mow.  
We have another Open Home tomorrow and it would have been good to have the section looking lovely.
Maybe there will be a fine patch long enough for Stew to do them?  Fingers crossed eh?

Bex sent me this adorable photo of Dante at Play centre yesterday... it made me smile so much:

ABOVE:  it looks like she had to prompt him to smile... I know this kid too well!  It's a really darling photo of  him.

Right, I'm off to do a few odd jobs around the house... washing will have to go in the dryer me thinks...


Well we have been lucky with the weather, it was raining first thing this morning, but we have had a lovely long fine spell, so Stew is getting the lawns mown after all.

Bex and the little boys called in for a visit before lunch, which was nice.  Archer cried at us to begin with!  Then he was all smiles.

It's now close to 1 pm and time for some lunch I reckon.  Could be a nice afternoon for either some sewing/going out/just chillin in front of the telly?  

Just remembered I have washing to hang out... nah.

I shall put it in the dryer, it's bound to rain the moment I hang it outside!   Murphy's law and all that.

4.01 pm:   And... we went to Sylvia Park for lunch.  Hadn't planned on that at all, but that's where we ended up.  
Then we had a wander and ended up getting a new Britto figurine and some DVD's for me to watch while sewing in the garage.  All my movies are in storage in Hamilton, so it was getting pretty boring listening to just one GLEE DVD I kept.

ABOVE:  A little Sebastian Britto, the first two seasons of Modern Family and the last season of GLEE.
I have not seen ANY of Modern Family, so that should keep me amused for ages.

It's pitch black outside, there's a huge storm cloud overhead, threatening to dump a torrent on us.
Stew is asleep in his chair while 'watching' rugby... Coco is curled up on his lap snoring.  Yep, she snores!
I'm going to do a jig saw on my computer I think.

End of Day:  well it's been a quiet evening.  Nothing happening.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Haha goober kid and yes I had to bribe him to smile lol

  2. Lovely day here and hope yours turns out better than expected. :)

  3. Showers off and on here and freezing wind washing is on line and can darn stay there I'm not running in and out playing that silly game
    Hope it clears for Stew to do the lawns

  4. Hot and dry here in Johannesburg SA. Our springs always come early from about the middle of August the temperatures shoot up.

  5. Do you get Netflix ? It could be worth looking at for something to watch while sewing. I have been watching TV series that I have never seen before, right from the start

  6. I love Sebastian and Samuel watches Netflix we are hooked, we need rain badly down our way that's for sure


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