Sunday, June 01, 2014


OK, I have completely forgotten where I got this from ... but I am going to share it, cos I like it:

To Create a Stash ...
by Carol Coski,
 The Quilted Feather

1. Buy fabrics that you like
2. Buy enough to do anything you might potentially think you want to do with it
3. Buy a little more because you know by the time you use it, what you have won't be enough and you will need more
4. Buy patterns and colors you know your family will simply love
5. Always buy extra
6. Did I mention to buy more than you think you will need?
7. Sit down every so often with your fabric, and assess what colors/patterns/designs you need to compliment and contrast what you already have
8. Buy the contrasting fabrics
9. Buy the coordinating fabrics
10. Buy extra of all of them, because when you sit down to piece you still won't have enough
11. Always buy enough backing fabric to back a California-king-all-the-way-to-the-floor bed quilt
12. Add a little more to that backing estimate
13. Use backing fabrics that can be integrated into other quilt tops
14. Buy a little more to make sure you will have useable pieces
15. If you see a design you think you might like in the future, buy it now before it disappears forever
16. Buy a little more just to be sure you have enough for what you haven't decided to make yet (I think this one is my favorite! Just sums up the whole thing!)17. Repeat above steps until there is no room left in the house for the inhabitants
18. Buy another house and repeat above

Something else I want to share!

Since the Dr took me off 'piddle pills' a few months ago, my kidney function has become 'perfect'!  It looks like those pills were doing me more harm than good.  

How weird is that?  I'd been on them for 24 years.  So many people who have to take diuretics are stuck on them for life.  I'm so lucky to not 'need' them any more.  So what if I get a bit bloated now and then?
I'd rather that than have me kidneys pack it in! 

ABOVE:  His new pyjama's are a bit long.  Oh well, they will eventually fit him.

Above:  Two jobs done last night.  I finished putting up all the names of fabric/craft shops in the North Island. There's so many in Auckland, I'm SO LUCKY!  
I also sorted out my UFO's, and will work on ONLY THEM, until they are all done.

Only then will I start on a new project.  I was happily surprised at the low number of UFO's I actually had!  Yaaaa.

ABOVE:  Guess what Mum?  When you pinch me cheeks cos I'm so CUTE .... it freakin well HURTS!  See?   She saw.

ABOVE: Lastly for now, a few photos of Miss Peppa ... she was a puppy from our 2nd litter.  There she is with her 'Mum' Jenna, being loved rotten!  Botton right is Peppa and her little friend Molly.  She looks like a handful!  lol

Right, that's all for now, I'm going back to bed for a bit more of a sleep in!  It's nice and warm in bed.


To whoever it was rang us at 6 am, then again a few minutes later.... ROT IN HELL!  Who the hell rings and hangs up at that time of the morning on a SUNDAY!  Arsewipe.

NOT the best way to start the day I can tell ya.

It's a fabulous, crisp, cool, but stunning day out there.  I am going out with Bex this morning.

I'm taking her to that shop I found in Papatoetoe.  She wants to get some of those cute little balls of wool.

Once home, Coco goes to the Vet to have the last stitch and the staple out ... then she will be totally over it.  Yaaaa.

I should have taken a bucket with me to that shop in Papatoetoe, Bex drooled SO MUCH!
We both ended up getting a few items, her wool and crochet hooks, me... FABRIC of course.

ABOVE: the fabrics I got today.

Gotta run, taking Coco to the vet now...

All good with Coco.
Gotta run AGAIN, we are going to the mall and then a movie for the kids. Stew and I and the two kids are going to see Maleficent ... in 3 D.

Well... the movie was lovely, not so childish that we couldn't enjoy it.  When we went in it was still daylight, coming out it was already dark.  Kinda weird feeling.

The rest of this evening will be spent mucking around in the house, doing some sewing perhaps?  Can't think what's on the telly...?

End of Day:  well a qiet evening... I watched a few things on YouTube instead of watching TV.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:44 AM

    OMG that is SO me with the fabric stash.... I have nowhere to put it all... I need to get myself organised (have enough for my own branch of Spotlight!)

    Gorgeous day huh?

    Be good.


  2. How to Create a Stash is so funny! (can it also apply to make-up too???)... you forgot to re-organise it all regularly ;) and to simply admire your collection every day! xxx

  3. Hmmmm another room just for fabric WHY the hell not I say!! Dante is utterly adorable hope you all have a lovely dya me im off to feed the hoardes of ravenous teens!!! at school yay.

  4. Don't forget to dip your ice cream in your popcorn

  5. Those jammies present a trip hazard!

  6. Do you think the movie would be too scary for a 4 year old?


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