Monday, June 16, 2014


I had this brilliant idea about that brown/teal quilt.   I'm going to applique something ON TOP of the blocks to make it a bit more 'musculine' for Russell.
I hope it comes out ok.
I'm not going to say what I'm putting on it ... I will just wait and show you.

I did try to make a pattern for the added applique last night, but it didn't look right, so I'll have to give it another go later on.

Until then... 

Today I'm going to take the dogs for a walk, then sew for the rest of the morning.  After lunch I'm at the Hospice Shop till closing.

Tomorrow morning I am going to devote to catching up with other people's blogs. 


Feeling really tearful today.
Stew had to go back THERE and act like everything was honky dory, I don't know HOW he does it.
If it was me I'd stay home in bed, call in sick for a week.... anything rather than have to face them at work and act like all is well.

Did another dumb thing.  Won't go into specifics, but I feel bad.  And sad.  But, like every other shitty thing that happens, you move on and get over it.

The dogs and I went for our 30 minute walk.  Coco kept doing this weird thing with her breathing, I think it was just due to her pulling on the lead.  But I can't help worrying, in case her tumour spread and we don't know?  I'm a worry wart.

Time to get back to the quilt applique pattern.


I decided to edit photos from yesterday... and with Amanda's permission:

 ABOVE:  Little Liam.  He is now 16 months old and doing very well. Walks some, crawls some.
Darling wee man.

ABOVE:  Miss Emily.  3 going on 10!  Very strong willed little girl, but gorgeous too.  She did a lot of 'posing' then wanting to see the photo of herself.  Very cute.

Right, I better be off to the Hospice Shop.  Fingers crossed it's busy. 

Well... clearly I've not been on here since lunchtime!
Hospice was busy, if not serving customers I was putting stock out on the floor.
I saw a really cute and comfortable rocking chair for $10, but could think of NOWHERE in my house I could put it...

ABOVE:  See?  Lovely.  I said to Bernadette (Manager on Monday's) that if it wasn't bought by 5 pm I would have to get it!
Luckily ... it got sold within about half an hour of me saying that!

I did find some treasure to bring home, I'll show you tomorrow.

End of Day:  a truly down day for me really.  All the stress that has been building up for months finally caught up with me I think, making me miserable.  No one like misery around them, so I'll bugger off and go to bed early I think.
nite nite


  1. That's a great idea Chris. A NZ friend of mine made a lovely quilt in memory of her Dad and she did a similar thing with very dark silhouettes of ferns on it. It was quite striking :).

  2. Your resolution to go for a walk every day has inspired me to do the same. Starting as soon as I finish this cup of coffee...XX

  3. Nawww, super-cute pix xxxxx

  4. Awwwwwwww gorgeous photos hope yr day is going ok and hope you see loads of treasure.....

  5. more sorrows praying for you friend....those are 2 beautiful children and Amanda is lovely.

  6. Anonymous2:38 PM

    great pics. ((((Hugs))))

  7. ((HUGS)) there is not much you can do about things in the past, but moving forward and forgiving yourself as you have forgiven others. :)

  8. Great pics of the Grandkids, thanks to Amanda for letting you share them. You will have some down days, not knowing what is going to happen, even though the decision on the job is made, there is still heaps of unknown. Big hugs.

  9. I'm sure Stews team were feeling it too,, and other staff I've spoken too. None of them wanted Anyone but Stew. I'm forked off both of you, feel like telling the bastards what I think of them, but so far everyone who has been restructured down here and solicitor in Hamilton have ended up with a better job somewhere else.

  10. You grandbabies all look similar :) not in a huge way just you can see they have small similar features. I hope you are feeling better. xx


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