Saturday, June 07, 2014


Our weekend to have Miss Muppet, so I will be leaving the house fairly early this morning to pick Keera up.
Stew will stay home and look after Dante, as Bex is on a course again today, and Steve is at work.

So, two toddlers today.  What fun.

I stayed up till after midnight last night getting that blasted brown/teal quilt laid out on the floor.  I'm still not sure it's 'right':

ABOVE:  how it is now.  I'm going to leave it out so I can look at it some more... and maybe change some blocks around.  The colours are not 'true' because the photo was taken late at night under lights.  
I'll be taking another one this morning so I can see it in a better light.

It was our Wedding Anniversary yesterday, and Stew asked me what I would like?  I said nothing.  I have everything I could ever need (well except for more fabric!)... lol !

ABOVE:  he didn't listen to me, cos he arrive home last night with these gorgeous flowers.   I think they are just lovely.  So is he of course!  *smiles*

Right, enough for now, I better get some washing on then go and pick up Keera.  It takes a good hour to get to their house and back so I better be off soon.


Well, so far so good.  We have Miss Muppet, the washing is on, and this is happening as I sit here:

ABOVE:  Brylee is pulling it apart for me.  WHY?
Cos I hate it.  The colours were all regimented and it just isn't how I want it.
So... back to square one.  


  1. What a lovely bunch of flowers! hmmm that quilt what about blocks of patterns like brown in middle than blue outside and light browns around that like a square circle GAWD sometimes I make no sense to myself! OR throw them all up in the air and where they fall that's the pattern you do? See I can be helpful at times lol.(clearly I am no help today)

  2. Shopping!... I did some damage to our back account today at my favourite clothes shop... luckily I know the salesgirl quite well and she gave me a v v good discount on everything xxx

  3. Happy anniversary! Stew seems like such a sweetie to you. I guess you are changing the quilt again? From the first picture I thought these were tiny squares... until I saw Brylee. :)

  4. Best place to cut is on the kitchen bench Chris. It's right height. No more sore baCk.

  5. Love the flowers - lucky lady !!!! Happy anniversary to both of you.
    Have the BEST day today !


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