Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Our visiting South Island girls were picked up by an Airport Shuttle at some ungodly hour this morning, like 4.15 am!
Bex was going to take them to the airport herself, but they decided it would be easier for everyone to get a shuttle.

So, they are off on a 6 week Contiki tour around Europe.  Lucky tarts.

It was lovely spending a bit of time with them, I even had them all working in me kitchen last night:

ABOVE:  Something I never imagined would be going on in my kitchen... 3 South Island Tarts making dinner!  Heather (L), Mandy (C) and Bex (R).  They did the 'prep' and I did the cooking/serving.  Then of course, I sat back and let them do the dishes.  lol

Yesterday afternoon I finally got the new shelving units into the computer area, and sorted it all out...

 ABOVE:  I spent about 3 hours getting all our paperwork and my bits 'n' bobs into the new units.  Bex thinks I have OCD, but I don't of course!  There is nothing 'different' in wanting my 'office' area tidy and organised is there?

Today:  I'm going to wash the floors then go and meet up with Lacy and Keera for lunch.  
Hopefully the weather has calmed down by then... we had wind and rain all night here.
And I was almost COLD down in the garage!
I love my garage.

Well... my morning and lunch was lovely.  Meet up with Lacy, minus Keera!  Keera was at childcare.  So Lacy and I had a look around the mall, then my Hospice Shop.

Lacy found a small Crock Pot, perfect for her and Keera for only $12 in the Hospice shop!  Oh and I got a little desk lamp for $4.  
In the Warehouse I saw some very cute little giraffe 'lights'... they glow different colours so I grabbed two, one for me and one for Dante.

ABOVE: Dante playing with both the little lights, and the little desk lamp I got.

It's almost home time for Brylee and Griffin, wow today has gone fast.

I'm feeling a bit like????  Where is everybody?  

Just had a melt down, first time I've cried over the uncertainty with Stew's job.  Feeling really alone, even though I know I have heaps of friends and family to talk to.  

The fear of what is happening with Stew is really getting to me right now. 

It doesn't help that my lower back is absolutely killing me right now either.  I took a panadol two days ago and had a major choking episode trying to swallow it.  So now, I keep gagging and coughing them up,  because I'm scared it will happen again.  Go figure.  Just when I really, really need them to help with the pain.  Grrrrr.

SURREY:  yep, low back pain.  I will check out that link, thank you.
Fingers crossed it helps, because I am so over it!  

Stew and I just did the grocery shopping, and I bought some soft gel type Panadol tabs.  Hopefully they are easier to swallow.  

End of Day:  a funny old day.  It was nice to spend the morning with Lacy.  We had a lovely time together.
I'm actually feeling a bit sick tonight and I've had some MASSIVE hot flushes today too... I think it's all caused by stress somehow.
That's me for the day.
nite nite


  1. Those shelving units are perfect in that space good score, we had a wildish night wind and rain but the pay off COLD!!!! surprise surprise.

  2. Glad you had fun with the girls.
    Your shelf units look perfect where you put them.....great way to organize and it feels so good to get it done.

  3. It's good you had someone to do the prep of dinner for you - that and thinking of what to make are two of my worst chores !!!!
    Have the best day and remember - every day is a new day !

  4. Thinking of you. I've been there with my husband.
    I hope you get your answer very soon.

  5. Grind your Panadol up. Sending all positive vibes for Stew's job.

  6. Anonymous8:54 PM

    I hope you get an answer about Stew's job have been thinking of you guys.. what kind of back pain do you have? I used to get low back pain / sciatica then I followed this book and it really worked, back pain totally went away and only flares up slightly every year or so and then I just do the exercises again. I know people often recommend books etc but this seriously worked for me.. there are heaps of reviews etc on Amazon its written by a physio from NZ I think ~ Surrey

  7. I hope you get answers soon, waiting is so yuck.. and stressfull!!!
    Loving the wee lamps. xxx HUGS xxxx

  8. Instead of stressing about Stew's job, Chris, be proactive. Start planning for either outcome. If Stew thinks he will be unemployed, he should be getting his resume out there. He's been at his job long enough to develop contacts within the industry. Contact them. Register with employment agencies, start looking for alternative jobs. At least he has had plenty of notice of what may happen. And if it does, then he'll be prepared. If he retains his job then he's lost nothing. Seriously, I can't think of a better situation to be in. He's had plenty of notice, he's had lots of time to be prepared. There are only two outcomes, so you can look at each of them and plan. Don't let things happen then panic. Take the bull by the horns and face it head on. This could be great time for change and for Stew to find a new challenge, new ventures, revitalise himself. Good luck, but try to make some of your own (well, Stew's own) luck! xxx

  9. Sorry to hear you've got a sore back. Hope it gets better quickly. Fingers crossed that Stew's situation gets settled in a positive way. Take care. Get well.

  10. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Sorry you are so stressed out Chris. Not nice. I think Froggy has givin you some sound advice..............

  11. Chris, I endorse Robin McKenzie"s book "Treat your own back" 100%. The book is not new, it's a classic, it has been around since the Eighties and is constantly being updated. The exercises and advice are tried and true. Worked for me!

  12. Wow! You really made an impression in sorting out your office. The shelving units fit perfectly with your style. I also love how your office looks so vintage. It looks so homey because of the color palette you used. Anyway, you seem to have had a pretty packed week and I know your lower back pain didn't help. I hope you were able to rest up. Take care! :)

    Scott Olpin


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